Cardi B & JLo Making Subway Announcements on the 4 & 6 Trains?

JLo’s voice announcing “Next stop, my block, Castle Hill!” on the 6 train or Cardi B screeching, “Next stop 167th Street EEEEEEOOOOWWW” on the 4 may actually now be a possibility thanks to a the MTA experimenting with turning subway announcements into ads.

While there has been ZERO mention of any interest from these two Bronx born and made celebrities, this week the MTA began running subway announcements on the 7 train with Queens native, Awkwafina’s voice popping jokes in between to promote her new show, ‘Nora from Queens’.

Can you picture these two making subway announcements?

It’s the first time this has been done in transit history according to Tech and Transit YouTube video clip where you can hear some of the announcements that are running until next week on the 7 train.

If the MTA can make good money doing this then why not? Anything that would prevent another fare increase for crappy service is welcomed at this point.

Check out the announcements below and let us know who you’d like to hear on your train!

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