The Bronx’s Largest Supermarket is Now Open—And It’s ENORMOUS

Shopping for groceries in The Bronx just got a serious upgrade and we think you’re gonna love it!

Food Bazaar held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its newest and massive 83,000 square foot supermarket at Bronx Terminal Market and when we say massive, we really mean MASSIVE.

Food Bazaar’s newest store is located on the 4th level of the Bronx Terminal Market where the now defunct Toys “R” Us once stood.

Housed in the old Toys “R” Us store at the Related owned mall, the new supermarket has something for everyone from vegans to omnivores and pescatarians alike.

It’s kind of like Whole Foods meets Fine Fare and got a Bronx twist considering that amongst their offerings you’ll find some of the same products you normally have to travel to those stores to get because they’re rarely if ever found in our borough.

A Boogie Down Food Hall with a variety of food vendors is slated to also open inside the supermarket and is currently under construction. An exact opening date has not been given at this time.

Produce everywhere!

Most places in The Bronx only have tiny offerings of vegan products but this Food Bazaar location has what is most likely the largest selection of such products in our borough.

Beyond Burgers and meats, nut based vegan cheeses, this place will definitely be a go to for those seeking a more plant-based diet in our borough.

Some of the many vegan and plant-based offerings you’ll find at Food Bazaar

Speaking of plant-based diets, the produce section has pretty much everything you can imagine especially since Food Bazaar’s produce section is full of all sorts of greens and produce including a wide variety of mushrooms (yummy).

We weren’t kidding when we said aisles of meat and poultry!

There’s a meat market with all types of cuts and aisles and aisles of all sorts of poultry, pork, and meat as well as a fish market with some of the freshest fish around (I mean it better be given that the Fulton Fish Market IS in The Bronx).

Then there are the international specialty aisles with products from China, Japan, Korea, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and so many other countries for those looking for such products or if you’re in the mood to explore and expand your palate.

And given the huge selections available at this family owned supermarket your tastebuds will thank you.

We didn’t have time to shop today since we only went for the ribbon cutting ceremony but we can’t wait to go back and really dive in!

This is Food Bazaar’s fifth Bronx location.

Oh and did we mention that there’s currently a manager’s special going on many items giving you more savings? Hurry now to take advantage!

Not bad for an area that was once considered a food desert.

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