The Bronx is the Second Loudest Borough in NYC

Here’s something we can be cool with not being in first place.

According to a new report by, Brooklyn is the nosiest borough in New York City as per noise complaints filed between January 2019 and February 2020.

The Bronx came in right behind at number two with the top complaint being loud music or party being the reason people called in.

I mean, that’s not surprising given that The Bronx gave birth to hip-hop and salsa, no?

The Grand Concourse was the nosiest street in The Bronx and 4th loudest in New York City according to Via StreetEasy

As for streets, the Grand Concourse not only came in as the nosiest street in The Bronx but it also topped out as the 4th loudest street in New York City with over half of the 2,119 noise complaints attributed to loud music or party.

The top nosiest streets in The Bronx are:

Rank Street# of Complaints
1Grand Concourse2,119
2Creston Avenue1,313
3Washington Avenue1,254
4Holland Avenue1,036
5Decatur Avenue980
7Morris Avenue889
8Walton Avenue769

Only eight Bronx streets made the top 50 nosiest list in New York City which was dominated by Brookyn and Queens streets.

It’s not surprising to note that the nosiest streets in our borough are all in the West Bronx with the exception of Holland Avenue in the East Bronx.

What are your biggest noise complaints in your neighborhood?

Read the full report over at

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