WATCH: Meet The Bronx Woman Who Directed ‘Becoming’ the Netflix Documentary on Michelle Obama

Many have seen the Netflix ‘Becoming’ documentary on Michelle Obama but did you know that it was directed by a Bronx woman?

Nadia Hallgren, a Puerto Rican and Black filmmaker and cinematographer hailing from Soundview, was approached Higher Ground, a film production company by the Obamas, and was told that they she should be the one to direct it.

Hallgren told Essence, “This wonderful woman that everyone loves, it was a whole life in-the-making and a whole set of experiences that built up to the moment where she stepped on stage as the first lady.”

“It was really important for me that we understood how that life becomes what it is — and it’s through community, it’s through love, it’s through parents who fought so hard to make sure their children were educated.” added Hallgren.

Watch the interviews below from News12 The Bronx:

Extended Interview:

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