Mangia! Bronx Little Italy Launches “Piazza di Belmont” on Arthur Avenue for Weekend Evening Al Fresco Dining Tonight!

The Bronx and perhaps New York City’s first European style “piazza” for outdoor dining makes its debut tonight in Belmont.

This dedicated outdoor dining plaza will close off Arthur Avenue to vehicular traffic from Thursdays through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm and Sundays from 1pm to 9:30pm and provide ample space for restaurants and patrons to practice social distancing while dining outdoors.

Estrellita Poblana is set for Piazza di Belmont / Image courtesy of the Belmont Business Improvement District

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown still impacting restaurants, as indoor dining is still prohibited, this will be a much needed boost for eateries at New York City’s real Little Italy and hopefully making it a safe destination for all during the coronavirus crisis.

Patrons eating al fresco at Mario’s on Arthur Avenue/Image courtesy of the Belmont Business Improvement District

According to the Belmont Business Improvement District, “Bronx Little Italy’s neighborhood outdoor dining plan feature over 25 restaurants, eateries and local businesses, including Ann & Tony’s, Antonio’s Trattoria, Arthur Avenue Fiasco, Azgardz, Bronx Beer Hall, Café Nocciola, Cka Ka Qellu, Emilia’s Restaurant, Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue, Estrellita Poblana III, Gerbasi Ristorante, Gurra Café, Mario’s Restaurant, Mike’s Deli, Michaelangelo’s, Pasquale’s Rigoletto Restaurant, San Gennaro Restaurant, Tapas Italiano, Tino’s Deli, Zero Otto Nove, among others.”

It’s about time The Bronx has an outdoor food scene like this and we can’t think of a better place/Image courtesy of the Belmont Business Improvement District

The Belmont BID advises that you make reservations on the days you want to go given that this is something they expect people will flock to.

That’s a wide selection of amazing Bronx eateries and we can’t wait to check this out!

Currently only the section of Arthur Avenue between Crescent and 186th Street will be closed. If the pilot program works, it could be extended further north.

It’s important to note that outside these hours, Arthur Avenue will still be open to traffic and shoppers so worry not.

Let’s make sure that this becomes a permanent fixture of Arthur Avenue so that these businesses can thrive. I mean, who doesn’t like outdoor dining?!

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