11 Story, 287 Unit Residential Development to Replace St Joseph’s Church in Tremont

With the passage of time, The Bronx continues to lose parts of its history as buildings are torn down and replaced with something else in the name of progress.

St Joseph’s in 2007 via Google

The case is no different from the old Roman Catholic churches and parrochial schools across the borough that have been shuttered and deconsecrated in recent years as attendance at local houses of worship have dwindled and parishes have merged.

Like Our Lady of Pity in Melrose which was recently demolished and in its it place, 212 affordable apartments will be constructed taking along with it a bit of Bronx history.

And that fate will fall upon the former St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in the Tremont section of The Bronx on Bathgate Avenue and 178th Street which has been demolished as well.

St Joseph Roman Catholic Church stood on this site since 1898 and after over 120 years it was demolished to make way for a new development

Plans have been filed to construct an 11 story, 267,000 square foot building with 287 residential apartments and is slated to be known as St Joseph Apartments.

Rendering via Magnusson Architecture and Planning of 1949 Bathgate Avenue

According to YIMBY, the apartments will also be permanently affordable, however, before construction can begin, the city has to approve rezoning for the site to accommodate such a development.

If all is approved in a timely fashion, construction is expected to be completed by 2023 and ready for occupancy.

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