The Bronx’s first Apple Store Opens September 24th

Apple fans rejoice. The wait is finally over for Bronxites who’ve been wanting an Apple store in the borough.

As we reported earlier this year, the world’s most valuable brand will be opening up at The Mall at Bay Plaza and we finally have a date for that opening.

The Mall at Bay Plaza/©

According to signs up at The Mall at Bay Plaza, opening day will be Friday, September 24th and if it’s like a typical Apple Store opening day, expect free giveaways at this location in celebration of the occasion.

For years, Bronx residents, including local elected officials, have been clamoring for the store to open within the borough.

When we first heard the rumor that the iconic store was opening here at an undisclosed location, we speculated where in The Bronx it would be.

The original source said it was at a “significant property” and while there are several that match that description like the Old Bronx General Post Office, it was doubtful that they would open there.

Sure enough, just days after we wrote the story, it was revealed that it indeed was The Mall at Bay Plaza where Apple would land.

And now, five months after we have an opening date.

For decades, The Bronx was the last place where big retailers would even set foot within our borders and let alone a name like Apple but over the past several years, more and more big-name chains are calling the borough home.

But with such a big name like Apple coming into the borough, fears of increased gentrification will continue to occupy the minds of many residents and small business owners who cannot compete with the kinds of rents that such a company can afford.

Swarovski is one of the many retailers that call The Mall at Bay Plaza home and will soon be joined by Apple

We’re seeing what’s happing along commercial corridors like Fordham Road and The Hub, two of the largest in The Bronx, where more and more national retail chains are opening up where once mom and pop shops stood.

Their mere presence has increased rents out of the reach of the average Jane and Joe who want to open up a brick and mortar shop.

At The Hub, 1800Fix, which has been in business for about three decades at the same location on 149th Street at the corner of Third Avenue, is being replaced by a Krispy Kreme.

While Apple’s first Bronx store will be at The Mall at Bay Plaza, it may just pave the way for the first Whole Foods, the first Trader Joe’s, and so on and so on.

But for now, Apple fans have September 24th to look forward to.

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