Second Bronx child killed by gun violence in less than 2 months

It is an unfortunate circumstance that many have become accustomed to when living in The Bronx. Shootings and deaths as a result of gun violence are simply something that residents, despite the countless activists trying to curb such violence, have become almost indifferent to.

But the unthinkable has happened, yet again.

11 year old Kyhara Tay, killed in a senseless shooting

Kyhara Tay, an 11 year old child who was coming home from school, was shot in the stomach by a stray bullet intended for someone else.

The shooting occurred on Fox Street near Westchester Avenue on Monday afternoon just before 5PM when a man on a scooter shot at another man who was fleeing.

11 year old Kyhara was rushed to Lincoln Hospital but tragically died later that night as a result of the gunshot to the abdomen.

Her killer is still on the loose but The Bronx will come together to find her heartless killer but we have to stop the violence and stop the shootings.

We are killing our children and for what?

Early last month, 16 year old Angellyah Yambo was walking home from school when she was shot and killed when a man arguing with several other men fired six shots, one of which fatally struck Angellyah.

16 year old Angellyah Yambo was killed early last month while walking home from school

Over 40 children and teenagers have been shot so far this year.

If you know who committed this heinous act, now is the time to speak up. Our children deserve safe streets and not to worry about getting shot on their way to school.

They deserve to live out their lives and achieve their dreams, not end up six feet under because of cowardice of the gunmen who kill them.

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Ed García Conde

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