The Bronx “Christmas House” lives on in Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ music video

Mariah Carey in front of the Bronx Garabedian Christmas House in the ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ music video/screen shot via VEVO

Every year, as soon as Halloween is over and the calendar changes from October 31st to November 1st, Mariah Carey comes out of hibernation and haunts the airwaves with her iconic and ever-present holiday hit, ‘All I want for Christmas is You’.

No matter where you go, what store you enter, what channel you switch you, you’ll inevitably hear the song.

The Garabedian Bronx Christmas House has been an iconic if not legendary stop during the holidays

In fact, the song is SO iconic that Mariah Carey reportedly rakes in $2.5 million, including from royalties, and, according to Forbes, has probably raked in $72 million as of last year since the song was first released in 1994.

But did you know that part of the music video for the hit song was recorded outside the famous Bronx Garabedian Christmas House?

Even Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance at The Bronx Christmas House

Yup, you read that correctly!

For almost 50 years, the Bronx Christmas House was a must see during the Christmas season tour of holiday lights but in recent years, the lights have gone out at the beloved home which was adorned with hundreds of mannequins

However, due to recent health issues as a result of a car accident and the COVID-19 pandemic, the house has not been lit but in a recent phone call with Mr Garabedian, he assured Welcome2TheBronx that the lights will return next year but that, “…we still have to get through some surgeries first as a result of the car accident.”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone? Visiting a house is a total experience with its campy vibe.

At least, for now, we can still see the glory that is the Bronx Garabedian Christmas House in Mariah’s video as well as in our hearts and memories.

In the meantime, as we told Mr Garabedian, have a speedy recovery and although we all LOVE the holiday lights at his house, his health and that of his family are far more important to us.

Watch the video below:

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