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Watch: The Bronx’s Baron Ambrosia in ‘THANKSCHRISKWANZAAKAH’ Holiday Special

Baron Ambrosia and Bronx Flavor presents a holiday special video, ‘Thankschriskwanzaakah’ so get ready to watch what happens, “When Awesome-Mart combines all the holiday’s in order to make more money, a terrible curse is unleashed on the Bronx.”

Baron cleverly mixes many of our wonderful cultures in one of the most diverse boroughs of New York City—The Bronx.

Baron Ambrosia Swims Again; This Time Camden’s Cooper River

Baron Ambrosia has swum yet another river against all odds.

Last year Baron was the first person in recorded history to swim the entire length of The Bronx River and now he’s the first known person to have performed the same feat in Camden’s Cooper River.

Baron Ambrosia Saves The Day In The Bronx; Rescues Cat Stuck In A Tree 5 Stories High

It all began with a call from my mother around 3:30PM today. A cat was stuck in a tree — 5 stories high right in front of her window.

Penelope the cat had been up there for over 24 hours. Calls to animal control and the New York City Fire Department yielded no results for the residents of Christopher Court in Melrose who had been calling for help.