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Calling All JLo Mega Fans! Producer is Searching For Jennifer Lopez Fans To Give Haters A Piece Of Their Minds!

Producer and President of Odd Girl In Entertainment Linda Nieves-Powell is seeking die-hard JLo fans to to give Jennifer Lopez’s haters a piece of their minds. If you are lover of all things Jennifer Lopez then this is for you:

“I’m looking for JLo LOVERS to SKYPE into our @Latinaschatmedia session on Saturday, from 1pm-2pm to give the haters a piece of their mind. I’m looking for FB friends or friends of friends who are passionate about Jennifer Lopez, over-the-top fanatics would be great. The Skype session will be filmed. If interested email me here”

So come on, we know you’re out there. What are you waiting for, hurry up and reach out to Linda!

JLo Comes Home To Thousands Of Cheering Fans While City Island Survives Unscathed

Jennifer Lopez finally came home yesterday.

In her first ever performance in the Bronx, the borough she is forever reminding us she’s from and is still in her heart, JLo gave her fans a night they’ll never forget.

The free concert was part of State Farm’s launch of their Neighborhood Sessions where they provide free concerts in an artist’s hometown and this was their first ever.

JLo To Perform Free Concert In the Bronx At Orchard Beach

In what is being touted as ‘Giving Back To The Block That Raised Her Up’, JLo will be performing for the first time EVER in the Bronx. Perhaps JLo or her people really ARE reading Welcome2TheBronx. We’ve been the ONLY ones out there that have criticized her for not giving more to the community that she claims made who she is.

JLo Finally To Give Back To The Bronx In A Big Way

As some readers know (and perhaps even she herself does too), I’ve been pretty critical and have written about Bronxite JLo’s, aka Jenny from the Block, aka Jennifer Lopez, lack of truly giving back to the Bronx and borough she is always claiming as being a part of.

Well it appears that we can finally say with confidence that this is no longer the case.