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Exclusive: Market Rate Apartments Coming To The “Banksy” Building In Melrose

Last year, on October 21st, the infamous street artist known as Banksy struck in the Melrose neighborhood of The Bronx on E 153rd Street (just down the block from me) where Elton and 3rd Avenues meet prompting thousands of fans to trek to the area and catch a glimpse of his controversial ‘Ghetto 4 Life’ piece. The 4 story buildings have been vacant for decades (close to 30 years) with the exception of the retail spaces on the ground floor. Now the owner is beginning the process of converting the top 3 floors into market rate residential units.

While Banksy Fanatics Invade Melrose In The South Bronx, Residents Question Why

Whenever major art exhibits come to the city, oftentimes the Bronx is not going to be a stop on the tour so it was to many Bronxites’ surprise when a Banksy appeared overnight in Melrose.

Well over a thousand fans flocked to our neighborhood to photograph the latest Banksy and take selfies with it.

Banksy Strikes Melrose In The Bronx

Woke up today and my block is abuzz as Banksy left his latest mark in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx.

Walked down the block to see his latest piece which has the tag “Ghetto 4 Life” which I still don’t know how I feel about it, however, my friend and neighbor
Karah Shaffer says it’s lazy and the tag does a disservice to the neighborhood.