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80 Years Later, Bronx County Courthouse & Borough Hall Still As Grand

2014 is quite the year for major Bronx anniversaries. The Bronx County Courthouse and our beloved Borough Hall celebrates the 80th anniversary of the opening of its doors for official business.

In 1934, just 20 years after Bronx County was created, the grand old building was opened up by Mayor LaGuardia in a 3 day celebration of the building’s construction. LaGuardia even moved the seat of government for New York City to the Bronx for 3 days to mark the occasion.

City Finally Decides To Save Historical Murals At Bronx County Courthouse After Borough President & Residents Complain

Back in 2010 during renovations at the Bronx County Courthouse, several historical murals depicting Jonas Bronck and local Lenape Native Americans were severely water damaged.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr complained to the city on numerous occasions but the years went by and the decay worsened.

Now the city finally has done right by the Bronx and the murals and work will begin to restore the historical works of art.