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Celebrating A Bronx Woman Who Selflessly Gives So Much To The Bronx

The Bronx is full of activists and people who are always doing things for our beautiful borough, always giving back.

But there’s one special woman who does so much without much fanfare, and oftentimes goes unnoticed by many since fame or fortune isn’t her endgame.

It’s about leaving The Bronx, our beautiful borough, a better place than we inherited it from our previous generation so that future generations can live safely, in an environmentally sound Bronx.

That woman is Nilka Martell.

Residents Celebrate The Bronx River

Last night at Bronx River Alliance 2015 Assembly, Bronxites came out to Hostos Community College to celebrate one of our most precious resources: The Bronx River.

Much like The Bronx, the river itself has gone through its ups and downs and is going through some major transformations and last night, residents were able to watch some slideshow presentations catch up on some of the bigger projects going on including the construction of Bronx River House which will be the new home of the Bronx River Alliance once it opens (hopefully) in October of this year.