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Take the Survey: South Bronx Starbucks Wars—Yes Or No to Their New Location?

Since we posted about Starbucks coming invading the South Bronx and opening up shop in Melrose, many folks have spoken for or against its opening in the neighborhood. So far the vast majority across all social media networks have overwhelmingly commented that they are not happy with the corporate giant opening up in the South Bronx.

So we’re turning to YOU to take a quick poll and see where your loyalties are. This survey is in no way scientific, we just want to know how YOU feel.

Starbucks Invades The South Bronx; Corporate Behemoth to Open in Melrose

And then there was Starbucks, the harbinger of gentrification.

Melrose and the surrounding area is experiencing a boom in cafes.

Starbucks is gearing up to open its first official South Bronx location in Melrose on 161st Street at Concourse Village East/Morris Avenue at The Melrose Building in a neighborhood and corridor where two cafes are slated to open and The Bronx Museum’s XM Cafe (that will be serving up The Bronx’s own Morris Perk’s ‘Bronx Blend’) is opening any day now.

Before Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’, There was The Mix Coffeehaus in The Bronx

Long before Starbucks announced their disastrous #RaceTogether campaign to foster race relations dialogue among its customers and baristas, there was The Mix Pop-Up Coffee Shop (now known as The Mix Coffehaus) in the Port Morris neighborhood The Bronx last year.

When Starbucks launched the campaign almost two weeks ago, Vernicia Colon, the brainchild behind the idea of the Mix Coffeehaus reached out to Welcome2TheBronx with concerns of how similar their campaign was to her project. “We were surprised to see such a large corporation like Starbucks implement what we felt was a very unique concept. It was brought to our attention by many of our followers that noticed similarities between Starbuck’s #RaceTogether campaign and The Mix Coffeehaus” said Colon

Successful Pop-Up ‘Mix Cafe’ Looking To Open Permanently In Port Morris

Earlier this year in April we got a taste of an awesome pop-up cafe called the Mix Cafe and for three glorious days we had a spot to chill, relax and have a hot chocolate or some good coffee served with a side of great conversations with out neighbors. Now the Daily News is reporting that the cafe is looking to raise the necessary capital to make it a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.

Community Rallies Behind Bronx Resident To Rezone Old Storefront in Pelham Parkway

We had a chat with Lovie Pignata, resident of the Pelham Parkway area who is trying to get a storefront at Brady Court rezoned back to commercial so that she can open up Morris Perk, a cafe that offers so much more than your simple cup of joe.

The storefront in question was once a diner owned by Robert Abrams’ parents, former Bronx Borough President from 1970-1979 and from 1979 until 1993 served as the New York State Attorney General. Since the space has been empty for so long, it has gone back to its original residential zoning so now Pignata has to convince City Planning and Zoning as well as Community Board 11 members to change the zoning to allow for the cafe.

Espresso’s Disciples Worship Here: New York Times Features A Morris Park Cafe

I gave up coffee years ago due to hypertension issues but after reading this article and watching the video, it makes me want to jump on the 5 train and head to Morris Park to see what all the fuss is about.

From the New York Times:

You can travel to La Casa del Caffe, on Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx, and try to coax Anna Agovino into spilling some of the secrets behind making a perfect cup of coffee. She will shoot you that Fellini-worthy smile of hers, and she’ll be patient with your questions. For a minute or two.