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Bronx Politics: Vanessa Gibson Sworn Into City Council Office Ahead of Time

According to our sources, the Bronx Board of Elections was in quite the rush to verify the 16th City Council District election last week.
Our source tells us that Democratic Party appointees at the Board of Elections were scurrying about to ensure that the election was verified so that council-woman-elect Vanessa Gibson could be officially sworn into office later that evening.

Who From the Bronx Will Emerge Victorious in the September 10th Primaries?

The Bronx will have many political races with far reaching ramifications this Tuesday, Primary Day. Of course there are the city-wide races for Mayor, Comptroller and Public Advocate.  

There are also some intriguing local races, most notable: City Council Districts 11, 15, 16 and 17 and a special election for State Assembly District 86.