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Community Rallies In Anticipation of (Cromwell) Jerome Rezoning

When the Cromwell-Jerome Study Area Jerome Avenue Study Area (City Planning has since changed the name) was announced last year, it stirred a lot of controversy as residents saw it an attempt to rebrand existing neighborhoods of the West Bronx and pave the way for gentrification via rezoning — a tool often used by the previous administration often without regard to community residents who lived in the areas. The study area grew from 57 blocks to a massive 73 blocks.

Now, as the Jerome Avenue Study Area was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio as one of the 6 areas slated for rezonings, community groups and even local elected officials are getting residents together to discuss the future and fate of their neighborhoods at a meeting scheduled for March 5th — after all, these are the very people who will be impacted by any zoning changes the city eventually will implement to increase density.

City Planning Wants Bronx Residents & Community Involvement in Cromwell-Jerome Study Area

New York City Department of City Planning recently made headlines with the announcement of the Cromwell-Jerome Study Area that straddles the Bronx neighborhoods of Highbridge, University Heights, Morris Heights, Mount Hope, and the Concourse. The study encompasses a massive 57 block corridor with Jerome Avenue as its spine.

DCP invites the public to join Community Walking Tours of the study area. The first tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th from 11AM-12PM and will provide a general overview of the study area. The second tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th from 11AM-12PM and will focus on transportation and parks in and around the study area. The tours will begin at the NW corner of the Grand Concourse and East 167th Street in front of the High Life Deli and Grocery.

New Neighborhood To Be Created In The Bronx: Hello Cromwell-Jerome?

Apparently new land has appeared overnight in The Bronx that will be developed and branded Cromwell-Jerome.

Well that’s not quite what happened but after reading Denis Slattery’s story in the Daily News, about City Planning’s intention to re-christen an existing neighborhood with a new name, it might as well be.

The area in question is carved out of sections of areas of Highbridge and Mount Eden West of the Grand Concourse and Jerome Avenue (and thus the 4 train) acting as the spine of this “new” neighborhood and would be the result of rezoning this 57 block area to promote more residential developments in the area.