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See What The Bronx Could Look Like in 200 Years—Underwater

Although there are many who claim climate change isn’t happening (even in the face of science) and that humans aren’t impacting climate change (even in the face of science), this map of what The Bronx will look like in 200 years with a 2°C increase in temperature globally will sober you up.

If the projections and data continue to hold true, Port Morris will be mostly underwater, along with large swaths of Mott Haven, Melrose, Soundview, Castle Hill, Throggs Neck, City Island, Morris Park, Country Club, Riverdale and yes, even Co-op City.

New York State Proposes Prioritization of Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan!

This is an amazing big step forward for the residents of the South Bronx as never before has this area received such a priority designation by the State of New York. The waterfront plan as described below is a direct result of what the residents envision their waterfront to look like after the announcement over 2 1/2 years ago that FreshDirect intended to plop down on the last, largest remaining parcel of open land in the area.

Together, our voices can make an impact and be heard.

Please submit your public comments and make your voices heard even louder!

See below from South Bronx Unite, an organization which Welcome2TheBronx is a proud member of.