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Indian Restaurant Opens In The South Bronx & Is An Immediate Hit

Without much fanfare, Hungry Bird — the South Bronx’s first Indian Restaurant — opened up 5 months ago in the Northern fringes of Melrose on Morris Avenue and 164th street just 2 blocks North of the Melrose Public Library and a stone’s throw away from all the courts and offices of our borough’s civic center.

Bye Bye Bruckner Bar & Grill, Hello Mott Haven Bar & Grill

Imagine my surprise two weeks ago, when I walked into 1 Bruckner Boulevard, and immediately noticed it was no longer called Bruckner Bar and Grill.

Panic ensued. Was there some type of hostile takeover? Where was the loving staff we’ve come to know for so many years? Was the menu even the same?

SoBRO Awarded U.S. Department of Agriculture Grant to Perform Feasibility Study on Bronx-based Restaurant Cooperative’s Use of Local Foods

The South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBro) has just announced that it is the recipient of a $25,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture, “to determine the economic feasibility of a Bronx-based cooperative leveraging its combined purchasing power to use locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and other products in the restaurants’ menu items.”

Life And Death On The Avocado Trail – A Story Of A Bronx Mom & Pop Shop

“In December of 2013, Denisse Chavez and her husband were stopped by two unmarked white cars while driving north on the highway out of Reynosa in the Tamaulipas state of Mexico. The vehicles had been tailing her own car, a worn-out 2002 model that her mechanic’s tools permanently called home, for four or five miles. It was a scene she had witnessed many times before.

A small-time importer and business owner in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx, Chavez, forty-nine, had been traveling by car from New York to Puebla, driving over 5,000 miles each trip, for almost six years. Along the route she’d seen gunfights break out before her eyes, as well as robberies and kidnappings. But she always escaped unscathed. Typically, she made the trip to stock her Bronx bodega, El Atoradero. This time, she had gone to Monterrey to purchase equipment for her then-forthcoming restaurant.

9 Ways To Get To Know The Bronx According to CNN

In anticipation for this Sunday’s premier of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Bronx episode, CNN’s Kat Kinsman — managing editor of the channel’s Eatocracy and writer and editor for CNN Living — has written a piece on 9 ways to get to know The Bronx.

She writes:

“About 8.4 million people can rightfully call themselves New Yorkers, according to 2013 census data. There are no official numbers to back this up, but it’d be a pretty solid bet to say that an awful lot of them have never spent much time exploring the Bronx beyond Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, the Bronx Botanical Gardens and maaayyybe going out for a plate of manicotti and some tiramisu on Arthur Avenue.

And that’s a friggin’ shame.

Successful Pop-Up ‘Mix Cafe’ Looking To Open Permanently In Port Morris

Earlier this year in April we got a taste of an awesome pop-up cafe called the Mix Cafe and for three glorious days we had a spot to chill, relax and have a hot chocolate or some good coffee served with a side of great conversations with out neighbors. Now the Daily News is reporting that the cafe is looking to raise the necessary capital to make it a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.

‘Taste of The Bronx’ Leaves Residents Out In The Cold And Annoyed With The BP

Last night The Bronx held its first ‘Taste of The Bronx’ in several years but rather than choosing a Bronx location, Borough Hall decided to take it to Manhattan — and make it “by invitation only”.


That’s pretty much the sentiment of many Bronx residents when they learned that they were being excluded from one of our very own events that celebrate our culinary offerings.

Xochimilco Restaurant Is Still Open!

The popular and Baron Ambrosia approved Mexican restaurant, Xochimilco is still open! Due to a major error with Verizon and Cablevision, their main number is out of order but they can still be reached at 718 402-5100.

Hopefully your thoughts of the restaurant having closed, ensued by panic had been subdued!