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States With Weak Gun Laws & High Gun Ownership Have Higher Gun Related Deaths New Report Shows

A new study reveals that there appears to be a correlation with states with high gun ownership and high gun related deaths with Alaska leading the nation per capita and New York State has the 3rd lowest rate of gun related deaths in the country. “A number of previous studies have linked gun laws and gun ownership with deaths by gun violence, challenging the “more guns, less crime” hypothesis that suggests a higher rate of gun ownership makes communities safer. “

New Exhibition Forces Us To Face The Harsh Devastation of Gun Violence On Our Communities

Once again, The Bronx Documentary Center will bring to our borough a powerful exhibition — this time on the all too familiar realities of gun violence and its impact on our communities and youth — via the photographic works of Carlos Javier Ortiz, who has documented our nation’s plague in Chicago and Philadelphia over the course of seven years.