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The Ghosts and Haunted Places of The Bronx

An exploration of supernatural phenomenon, ghosts, and old-wives tales in the borough of The Bronx with LATIN HORROR’s Edwin Pagán.

Most people don’t associate the Bronx as a place connected to paranormal activity, having haunted houses, or deep and dark secrets connected to the supernatural, but there are plenty of old estates built on vast landscapes that were once farmland during the Colonial or industrial age, and plenty of places where tragedies have fostered apparitions seeking justice (or who cannot gain closure). We’ll visit a few of these places and discuss how these locations became haunted and the scary things that take place there, and who—or what—still walks those grounds today (and we’re not talking about the current tenants).

Spooktacular Halloween Events In The Bronx For All!

For those not looking to travel outside The Bronx for Halloween, Welcome2TheBronx has compiled a handy list of fun and free events in our own home borough for tomorrow. From FREE Holiday portraits at the Bronx Documentary Center to spooky readings of Edgar Allan Poe’s classics at Poe Cottage, to Baron Ambrosia hosting a special Safe Streets and Treats event, there’s something for folks of all ages!