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By Dissing The Bronx, The NY Post Proves Once Again It’s Worth Less Than Used Toilet Paper

Yellow journalism is alive and well, folks.

Instead of reporting back on the real story, The New York Post decided to do what it does best: Yellow Journalism. In their piece on the opening of The High Bridge, they chose to seek out folks who saw it as a negative and went on to say that residents on The Manhattan side are “…worried about the bloodshed across the way…” and that Washington Heights residents, “…fear it would connect their neighborhood to a war zone.”

This was based on quotes from TWO individuals. That’s it. There was no evidence whatsoever that Washington Heights residents were in fear for their lives because of the opening of The High Bridge. These are two communities sharing strong, historical and ethnic ties.

History is Made Again As The High Bridge Reopens

This morning, thanks to NYC & Co, we arrived promptly at Highbridge Park in Manhattan just before 8am for a small, private and intimate walk along The High Bridge which was just hours away from officially opening.

It was a pleasant walk across to The Bronx as we enjoyed the panoramic vistas of The Bronx, The Harlem River, and Manhattan (no ‘The’ for you).

The Original “High Line”, The High Bridge, to Reopen This Tuesday, June 9th!

After over 40 years of being closed off to the public and after decades of community groups working to restore and reopen it, The High Bridge is finally opening this coming Tuesday, June 9th.

The High Bridge is New York City’s oldest bridge completed in 1848, although it has been altered and portions even removed since its construction, one can still see the majority of the original remaining structure on The Bronx side of the span.

Bridge Park Officially Opens in The Bronx Adding Another Along The Harlem River

Today the people of The Bronx celebrated its newest park as a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for Bridge Park with NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver along with local politicians and school children.
The park offers beautiful vistas of the Harlem River and the many scenic bridges that cross over it into Manhattan including the soon-to-open Highbridge which will have a celebration on both sides of the bridge on July 25th of this year.

WATCH: Two Part Series on BronxTalk Explores the Jerome Ave Study Area With City Planning & Community Organizations

One of the hottest topics in Bronx real estate is the proposed Cromwell-Jerome Avenue Study area which has the potential to transform a 73 block area which overlapping two community districts and multiple neighborhoods.

Gary Axelbank, the host of the long running BronxTalk, help a two-part series of discussions on the issues with the first having aired Monday, March 10 with Carol Samol on the show to talk more about the process and the study. On Monday, the second air showed which gave community groups such as CASA and Local 79 a chance to present their thoughts and ideas on the situation at hand.

Watch the videos on the conversation and let us know what you think.

City Planning Wants Bronx Residents & Community Involvement in Cromwell-Jerome Study Area

New York City Department of City Planning recently made headlines with the announcement of the Cromwell-Jerome Study Area that straddles the Bronx neighborhoods of Highbridge, University Heights, Morris Heights, Mount Hope, and the Concourse. The study encompasses a massive 57 block corridor with Jerome Avenue as its spine.

DCP invites the public to join Community Walking Tours of the study area. The first tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th from 11AM-12PM and will provide a general overview of the study area. The second tour is scheduled for Saturday, October 25th from 11AM-12PM and will focus on transportation and parks in and around the study area. The tours will begin at the NW corner of the Grand Concourse and East 167th Street in front of the High Life Deli and Grocery.

New Neighborhood To Be Created In The Bronx: Hello Cromwell-Jerome?

Apparently new land has appeared overnight in The Bronx that will be developed and branded Cromwell-Jerome.

Well that’s not quite what happened but after reading Denis Slattery’s story in the Daily News, about City Planning’s intention to re-christen an existing neighborhood with a new name, it might as well be.

The area in question is carved out of sections of areas of Highbridge and Mount Eden West of the Grand Concourse and Jerome Avenue (and thus the 4 train) acting as the spine of this “new” neighborhood and would be the result of rezoning this 57 block area to promote more residential developments in the area.