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Protecting Our History, Protecting Our Landmarks in The Bronx

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th, at the District Office of Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson for a meeting with the Historic District Council and how they can help us help our beloved Bronx landmarks (official and unofficial). Space is limited so PLEASE RSVP to auntermyr[at]hdc[dot]org!

HDC’s Director of Advocacy and Community Outreach, Kelly Carroll and Deputy Director Adrian Untermyer will be attending this meeting and training.

Historic District Council’s FREE Summer Mixer This Monday!

We are at a critical juncture in our borough’s history.

101 years ago, when The Bronx was born as the 62nd and last county of New York State in Melrose at The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, there began a frenzy and expansion into our borough that forever changed our landscape.

Today we are facing a second gold rush so to speak as we are considered the last frontier in real estate development in New York City—a city that is no longer recognizable to us with the loss of many neighborhoods that have succumbed to the white washing of gentrification and “progress” littered with the same chain store after chain store.

This is a chance to mingle and meet other Bronxites concerned about the future of our borough and the issues we face. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Riverdale, The South Bronx, Morris Park, Soundview, Throggs Neck, Kingsbridge or anywhere in The Bronx—this is an event for ALL of our residents.

Welcome2TheBronx to Receive Historic District Council’s Grassroots Preservation Award

This year, along with other organizations and residents from throughout New York City, Welcome2TheBronx™ will be receiving the Historic District Council Grassroots Preservation Award—the very organization who has been involved in the creation of almost all of the 110 historic districts in New York City.

According to HDC Deputy Director Nadezhda Williams, Welcome2TheBronx™ was chosen, “as the 2015 Grassroots Award Friend in the Media winner for your coverage of landmark and land use issues in The Bronx including the sad story of PS 31.”