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A Hunts Point Walk – Morgan Powell’s Last Tour

Early last month, the late Morgan Powell invited me along with several other of my friends to help him document a run through of a tour on Hunts Point he had been working on for 5 years. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I couldn’t make it but I was told it was quite the informative tour and really well done.

Shortly after the tour, Morgan asked that I publish the tour on Welcome2TheBronx for all to enjoy so below, in its entirety, is Morgan Powell’s Hunts Point Walk, the culmination of 5 years of work and research. Bookmark this page and take the walk that Morgan so lovingly designed with you all in mind. Take a journey into the real Hunts Point; learn about the rich history of an oft maligned and misunderstood neighborhood that has been the brunt of exploitation, environmental injustice and environmental racism for far too long. The history which Morgan wanted everyone to make sure they knew.

Two Bronx Projects Selected For The 2014 Jane Jacobs Forum: Projects That Ignite

After dozens of projects were submitted to an open call by The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) for the potential to transform the city, only 3 winners were selected and two are from The Bronx. The Startup Box, a tech incubator in Hunts Point and The Boogie Down Booth at the Freeman station on the 2 and 5 subway.

Landmark Banknote Building of Hunts Point Sells for $114 Million; 2nd Major Landmark Property In The Bronx To Sell This Month

Less than two weeks ago it was announced that the landmark Bronx General Post Office was sold to YoungWoo & Associates (the price tag has yet to be published on ACRIS or disclosed) and now today it was announced that the landmark Banknote Building of Hunts Point has sold to firms Madison Marquette and Perella Weinberg for a whopping $114 million as Taconic Investment Partners unloaded the property — 4 years later than they had anticipated in flipping the property.

The Bronx is piping hot in the real estate sector with so many projects whether affordable housing or commercial projects. Only time will tell if these will benefit the people of our borough who desperately need to be uplifted along with the renaissance that is happening in The Bronx as we continue to rise from the ashes. If we leave our own people behind, then we have failed and will become yet another cookie cutter Manhattan or Brooklyn enclave.

Streetsblog New York City » City Council Gets on Board With Overhauling the Sheridan. Will Cuomo?

After nearly two decades of advocacy and planning to transform the Sheridan Expressway, South Bronx residents and businesses have a plan they agree on. The next step: Governor Cuomo’s State DOT must launch an environmental review to begin implementing the plan. The State Senate included $3 million for the review in its budget proposal [PDF]. With a unanimous 10-0 vote this afternoon, the City Council transportation committee urged the state to follow through and conduct the study. The full City Council is expected to endorse the request tomorrow.

Times Ledger: Willets Point business owners sign lease to move to the Bronx

From the Times Ledger:

By Alex Robinson

The Sunrise Co-op signed a lease Friday on a 84,000-square-foot space in Hunts Point, at 1080 Leggett Ave.

Many of the group’s members have been without properties to conduct their business since the end of January when they accepted deals worth six months’ rent from the city to vacate their businesses. Some accepted payments worth 12 months’ rent to leave the Iron Triangle by the end of November.

Bye Bye Strip Clubs In Hunts Point As They Go Extinct In Bronx Neighborhood

The New York Times is reporting that there are no longer any strip clubs in Hunts Point thanks to community pressure. Just 3 years ago there were about half a dozen of such clubs and now there are none in existence according to a recent Daily News article.

One former club may even become a church.

The mainstream media and certain characters would love nothing more but to sell you an image of a Hunts Point full of drug addicts, prostitutes, and strip joints but we know better.

New Book, ‘Blacks In The Colonial Bronx: A Documentary History’ Is A First

The Bronx County Historical Society has just published a new book, by Bronx historian Lloyd Ultan, on Blacks in the Bronx during colonial times —a first of its kind.

According to the Society’s website:

For the first time in over three and a half centuries, the story of people of African descent in the colonial Bronx, the northernmost borough of New York City, is being told. Discovered in over fifty scattered places, 210 separate accounts written by participants and witnesses from 1664 to 1783 in letters, government documents, court records, wills, memoirs and newspapers are brought together in one volume for the first time. The noted historian and author, Lloyd Ultan, puts these statements and accounts from the era into context, telling what they mean and tying them all together in a revealing narrative.

Saving Hunts Point From The Next Superstorm Sandy

Hunts Point, home to the largest food industrial distribution center in the world and home to thousands of residents, sits precariously on the coast as a peninsula within the Bronx peninsula.

East Bronx Metro North Access Gets Major Push By Governor Cuomo

Last week when Mayor Bill de Blasio was inaugurated I published an open letter to him on several items that the Bronx was in need of.

One of the major items I mentioned that instead of hundreds of millions of dollars going to corporate subsidies that hurt communities rather than benefit them was to use said monies for fast tracking four new Metro North stations in the East Bronx.