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Hold on to Your Money! Move NY’s Congestion Pricing Proposal Is Deeply Flawed

In his New York Daily News op-ed, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. discussed the newest proposal by Move NY to impose tolls on the currently free East River bridges and for driving in Manhattan below 60th Street. The novelty in this proposal is that prices on bridges close to mass transit would be raised while those in “transit deserts” would be lowered. In spite of herculean efforts by proponents to avoid the term, Diaz correctly identified this proposal as “congestion pricing.”

Station Agents Must Remain at NYC Subway Entrances

Last week Welcome2TheBronx guest writer, John Rozankowski, PhD wrote an article on how the MTA appears to be plotting to remove station agents — something that not only would love many jobless but would also create dangerous situations.

Thousands of of people have read the article and have shared it through their various networks, now we’re asking you to please sign the petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate Letitia James, and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito asking them to help in this cause.

The MTA Plots to Remove All Station Agents

The following is a guest article by John Rozankowski, PhD

A feeling of security is a vital issue for most people and determines where they live, where they send their children to school, etc. In subway station entrances, the station agents provide this feeling of security and the MTA is scheming to remove all of them.

Bronx Mass Transit Improvements for the Present

The following is a guest article by John Rozankowski, PhD

In January, an article appeared in this blog which encouraged a mass transit enhancement that can be done “NOW.” It proposed that the #5 train run at night, a change which would spare riders from Manhattan to the Bronx two or more transfers. I wholeheartedly support this idea adding that even more can be done for the #5 and other lines to improve Bronx mass transit dramatically.

Bronx Picture of the Day: Subway Art

Can anyone guess the Bronx train station where this is located? This is only a portion of one mosaic mural of eight at this particular station (four on either side).

Co-op City Can Have A Subway!

One of the most glaring transit deserts in the Bronx is Co-op City. This development with some 44,000 residents, as well as the northeast Bronx, is in dire need of a new subway line. And it can become a reality if the abandoned trackways of the Bronx Amtrak line are put to use.

It’s Time To Restore 24 Hour Service To The 5 Line In The Bronx

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the State of transportation in the Bronx and particularly the underserved East Bronx where 4 new Metro North stations are planned for some time around 2019-2020 or so.

But what can the MTA do NOW to, at the very least, make commuting at night a bit easier for millions?

The Bronx to Brooklyn Via…Queens?

A couple of weeks ago a debate began on my Facebook page regarding the old CSX lines in the Bronx which are no longer in use and many individuals indicated that they’d like to see them put to use for a triboro train to connect the outer boroughs without Manhattan.

Now the Gothamist has written a thorough piece on this very issue that was discussed on my page.