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ProjectBronx: Street Art Vs Graffiti

This week Adam Levine-Peres asks locals from the Bronx, if their is a difference between Street Art and Graffiti?

Do art murals hold a historical significances in certain communities?

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

While Banksy Fanatics Invade Melrose In The South Bronx, Residents Question Why

Whenever major art exhibits come to the city, oftentimes the Bronx is not going to be a stop on the tour so it was to many Bronxites’ surprise when a Banksy appeared overnight in Melrose.

Well over a thousand fans flocked to our neighborhood to photograph the latest Banksy and take selfies with it.

Bronx Mural of The Day: Graffiti Artists How & Nosm With Aryz

Sometimes I like to change things up a bit and I’ll take a different route during my walks through my neighborhood and the Bronx.

In doing so I usually stumble upon the beauty that is right in my neighborhood waiting to be discovered.

Bronx Murals

The Bronx has a wealth of murals throughout our neighborhoods. This one is in Melrose…