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Keep Calm and Carry Bags

The following is a response by Bronx resident Killian Jordan to John Rozankowski, PhD’s piece against the proposed bag tax.

I’ve got a big dog, and I always clean up after him. If I forget to bring a bag with me when I walk him, it’s not a problem: a dozen small black plastic bags will blow by us in the course of a ten-minute walk, and I can always grab one of those. And several million of them will end up in the ocean EVERY DAY.

That’s one reason why I approve the proposed tax (or ten-cent charge) on single-use plastic bags. Let’s face it: nobody has to pay that tax, when bags are so little, and so easily crumpled into something tiny and unobtrusive.

The Nanny State Is Back with More Misery for New Yorkers!

One of the reasons why so many New Yorkers voted for Mayor Bill de Blasio was that he was seen as the “anti-Bloomberg.” Among other things, people were sick and tired of Bloomberg’s endless bans and attempts to have government regulate almost every aspect of their lives. Yet, the new City Council seems to be moving in the same direction.