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Parkchester Receives Staggering “Temporary” 15.19% Common Charge Hike For Capital Improvements

Parkchester South Condominiums, the largest of the two separate condominiums that make up Parkchester—with 8,286 of the more than 12,000 units in the complex— is undergoing major capital improvements yet again. But this time rather than taking loans out, they will instead institute a temporary 15.19% common charge hike across the board for all units in the development to pay for these improvements.

Needless to say, this isn’t sitting well with residents and home owners at one of the largest condo developments in the world. Residents have been organizing against this fee and have a rally scheduled for this coming Wednesday, February 10th, at 4pm at 2000 E Tremont Avenue.

Congratulations to Metro Optics Eyewear On Their Fourth Location!

Who would have thought that a modest eye care clinic in Parkchester that opened in 1978 would become such a successful brand that, 36 years later, they would be opening their 4th and now flagship location in the new Throggs Neck Shopping Center.

Founded by Michael T. Ungaro, the Bronx-bred mom and pop chain has become just the very type of small business and success story we love to celebrate at Welcome2TheBronx. From their Parkchester beginnings, Metro Optics grew into the Hunts Point and Westchester Square neighborhoods and now Throggs Neck with their latest addition.

East Bronx Metro North Access Gets Major Push By Governor Cuomo

Last week when Mayor Bill de Blasio was inaugurated I published an open letter to him on several items that the Bronx was in need of.

One of the major items I mentioned that instead of hundreds of millions of dollars going to corporate subsidies that hurt communities rather than benefit them was to use said monies for fast tracking four new Metro North stations in the East Bronx.