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Miradas: Contemporary Mexican Photographers Opening Reception This Saturday

Mexico is too often represented by American photographers traveling south across the border. In this exhibition, five Mexican and Mexican-American photographers reverse that dynamic, focusing their lenses on the complex duality of their lives and on the United States itself. In these photos, the gaze is not at a Mexico defined by the US, but at Mexicans exploring and defining themselves as they navigate the Mexican and Mexican-American experience today.

Seattle Publicist Who Trashed The Bronx In An Article, Sets The Record Straight

Back in October Seattle publicist Patricia Vaccarino trashed The Bronx in an article which upset many Bronx residents including myself.

Now Vaccarino has rectified the situation not by simply apologizing but by dedicating an entire issue to the wonderful people of the Bronx and look into those who are actively engaged in making this a better place.