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#ThisStopsToday Die-In & Peaceful March Through Melrose Marks 5 Month Anniversary of Eric Garner’s Death

Since the December 3rd failure of a Grand Jury on Staten Island to indict the cops in the killing of Eric Garner, many peaceful protests have been held across the city by thousands of New Yorkers uniting for peace and justice against Police Brutality and the fact that so many cops never get indicted due to grand juries.

Tonight The Bronx saw hundreds come out to not only honor Eric Garner on the 5th month anniversary of his death but to demand justice and an end to the killing of so many black men and people of color at the hands of the NYPD — and across the nation.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: The Problem With The NYPD & Police In America

Dear NYPD and other police forces across our country:

I sit writing this and am filled with nothing but dread and anxiety. Why? Because I have suffered bouts of PTSD due to mistreatment by the NYPD on several occasions. I find it extremely difficult to put these words down but given the recent verdicts from Ferguson on Michael Brown’s murder as well as our own Eric Garner’s murder at the hands of the NYPD I cannot remain silent. This is for them and all who have been murdered or brutalized by the hands that are served to protect us. This is for everyone including those who are charged with serving and protecting us.