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Bye Bye Strip Clubs In Hunts Point As They Go Extinct In Bronx Neighborhood

The New York Times is reporting that there are no longer any strip clubs in Hunts Point thanks to community pressure. Just 3 years ago there were about half a dozen of such clubs and now there are none in existence according to a recent Daily News article.

One former club may even become a church.

The mainstream media and certain characters would love nothing more but to sell you an image of a Hunts Point full of drug addicts, prostitutes, and strip joints but we know better.

Bronx Judge Rules That People Can Drink In Apartment Common Areas; Moral Panic Ensues

No sooner than reading an article in the Daily News that a Bronx judge rules that people can drink alcohol in common areas of buildings, the moral panic began on the internet.

Folks immediately began to decry the ruling saying that, “Now NYC will only get worse” and similar sentiments.

But did they actually READ the article?