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The Bronx Is Least Affordable Rental Market In The Country But Not Because Of High Rents

Last week, we received notice that our borough was the least affordable rental market in the country. Many jumped the bandwagon with sensationalist headlines declaring The Bronx as the least affordable rental market in the nation without actually delving into how this came to be.

It’s definitely not because our “rent is too damn high,” but due to the fact that many of our residents barely earn enough to survive.

A Heat Map Of New York City’s Hidden Slums |Via Fast Company

“…SITU Studio, a Brooklyn-based design studio, mapped the geographic spread of these illegally subdivided, high-density dwellings across New York City—places that in other metropolitan areas, like Mumbai or Rio de Janeiro, would be considered slums. “In New York City, you have slums, but they’re not visible,” Basar Girit, a partner at SITU Studio, tells Co.Design.