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Riverdale Country School, Nation’s 4th Most Expensive Private School, Begs City to Pay For New Pool, Theatre, & Gym

While many schools in The Bronx are suffering from lack of decent facilities and programming, the Riverdale Country School in Fieldston (split between 2 campuses in the neighborhood on 27.5 acres) is begging for $52 million in tax-free bonds to construct a new pool, theater, and gym for the country’s fourth most expensive school.

The kindergarten through high school private institution is a school where tuition is a staggering $45,600 a year student and it is unconscionable for them to ask for such monies while so many public schools in our borough barely have adequate facilities for their own students.

Coyote spooks Steven Spielberg’s sister in The Bronx | New York Post

A menacing coyote terrified Riverdale residents on Thursday — including Steven Spielberg’s sister, who called 911 to keep the “predator” from attacking her poodle.

Nancy Spielberg, 58, a documentary producer and the younger sister of the “Jaws” director, was spooked when she spotted the hungry beast prowling in her back yard and staring down her 3-year-old pooch, Rambo, at about 11:30 a.m.

Bronx BP Proposes Development Over Several Rail Yards

About 3 years ago, Welcome2TheBronx wrote about the possibility of having the Metro North rail yards in Melrose at 149th Street decked over much like the Hudson Rail Yards and have it developed into office space and affordable housing. Today, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr made a similar proposal along with two other Bronx locations stating that since Queens didn’t want it to happen at the Sunnyside yards, The Bronx would be happy to take those monies.

The other 2 locations identified are the 4 train rail yards by Lehman College in Bedford Park just west of the Grand Concourse and the 1 train rail yards just west of Broadway between Riverdale and Kingsbridge.

Speed Dating For Seniors At The Riverdale Y Senior Center!

The yearning and desire to be loved doesn’t diminish with age. Let’s face it, dating is no easy picnic but it can be especially daunting for our elders who are looking for companionship during their golden years. Whether you have lost your spouse or partner to illness, death, or divorce, it’s never that easy to jump into the fray. That’s why the Senior Center at The Riverdale YM-YWHA is putting together a speed dating session for folks 60-75 years of age.

Rabbinical School In The Bronx Paving The Way in The Nation To Help Jews In France Come To The US

According to an article in The Washington Post’s PostEverything section, by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, 7,000 French Jews have fled France in the past year and moved to Israel over growing concerns of antisemitic movements. Herzfeld writes that, “The U.S. should open its doors to imperiled European Jews,” and goes on to inform us that a Bronx rabbinical school, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, is already doing just that.

Bronx woman honored for helping Jews escape Nazis – NY Daily News

“A brave 92-year-old Bronx woman who helped rescue Jews from Germany-occupied Hungary during World War II was honored Thursday for her heroic past.

Berta Davidovitz Rubinsztejn was one of dozens of rescuers who helped Hungarian Jews escape the Nazis by disguising herself as a Gentile and working with the Zionist underground youth movement Dror Habonim.

She was reunited Thursday with one of the refugee orphans she saved from the streets of Budapest and took in as her own.

“I am standing here only because of you, Berta,” said Meir Brand, 79, as he thanked Rubinsztejn during an emotional ceremony at the Riverdale YM-YWHA.

A Real New Yorker Falls | The Real New Yorkers

From Martin Kleinman’s The Real New Yorkers:

“As I write this, the rain falls on a cold and dreary day and that, I suppose, is as it should be, for a Real New Yorker has fallen.

There is no great tragedy when a person dies at 85 — at least that is what some would have you believe. The common wisdom is that the death of a child, or young adult is, somehow, sadder, because of all the promise that lays ahead in life and because the pain of the parents resonates so fully. Children should not pre-decease their parents.