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Watch Bronxite Shana Solomon On News12!

We interviewed Bronxite Shana Solomon who’s one woman show, ‘The Closet Bitch’ is running off Broadway, earlier this week.

Thanks to Welcome2TheBronx, she got an interview with News12.

Bronx Raised Artist Shana Solomon Bares Her Soul In An Outstanding Off Broadway One Woman Show

When my friend gave me tickets to ‘Closet Bitch’ (written and performed by Shana Solomon) at Stage Left Studio in Chelsea, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect except that I was going to watch another autobiographical one woman show.

The play is a riveting look into the rough life of a Bronxite who beat all the odds stacked against her; a schizophrenic mother banished from her life by a drug addicted and dealer of a father, all told with humor which softens the blow of her story.

Yes, I know many are thinking, “here we go again another woe is me, the Bronx is rough” story which has been done ad nauseum but I promise you it’s much more than that.