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Developers of Port Morris Waterfront Towers Say 1 Bedroom to Rent for $3,750; Begin to Snatch Up Retail Spaces in the Area

In a pro-gentrification piece written by The New York Times, it was announced by one of the developers of the three 25 story residential towers (of 6) planned for the South Bronx Harlem River waterfront, that 1 bedrooms would rent for a mind-blowing $3,750.

South Bronx Gentrification Begins: Plans Officially Filed for Three 25 Story Residential Towers

Barely a year since we reported properties on either side of the Third Avenue Bridge approach were purchased for obscene and speculative amounts, three of the lots have had recent plans filed for three 25 story residential towers which, if approved, will bring what appears to be 1,661 market rate units to the area.

Special Harlem River Waterfront District Visioning Session: Real Grassroots Planning Or Just Business As Usual?

On Tuesday, May 5th, the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation—better known as SoBro—held a “second” visioning session on the Special Harlem River Waterfront District to discuss the issues of developing the waterfront, residential, needs, and gentrification issues.

The reason I say second in quotes is because SoBro held a block party last year where they had a small station in a corner where they collected surveys about the waterfront yet that was never heavily promoted. Many residents were unaware that a “first” session had occurred.

Make Your Voices Heard: Public Visioning Session For The Harlem River Waterfront

SoBro has just announced a visioning session to gather community input on what residents want to see on our waterfront along the Special Harlem River Waterfront. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th at Mott Haven Bar and Grill from 6:30PM – 8:30PM so mark your calendars and get ready to make your voices heard.

$200 Million From City To Develop Special Harlem River Waterfront District, New Ferries Priced As Same As A Subway Fare, & Gentrification

During the State of The City, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $200 million investment in the South Bronx waterfront for development as a focus of his administration’s agenda. The Mayor also announced that new ferry services being touted for the East Bronx and Far Rockaway in Queens will cost the same as a subway fare — something which Welcome2TheBronx insisted had to occur in order for it to be an equitable service that truly serves the people of The Bronx.

Development Site For Sale on E 149th Street for $3 Million

Real Estate in the South Bronx is heating up.

A tiny 4,100 square foot lot in the Lower Concourse Rezoning District of the Bronx is currently listed for a whopping $3,000,000. The property at 100 East 149th Street at Exterior Street is located just across from the the Special Harlem River Waterfront District and at the foot of the 145th Street Bridge into Manhattan. With a zoning of M1-4/R8A, the site can be developed into a 10-12 story residential building.

A Walk Through The Lower Concourse Rezoning District In The South Bronx

The other day I decided to take walk around the Lower Concourse Rezoning District so that I can document the area before it starts changing and buildings are either demolished or converted.

What struck me the most was the number of available signs for entire buildings or lots to be developed that weren’t there before. It seems that owners are starting to pay attention to the media coverage and beginning to market their properties.

After One of The Roughest Winters In Recent Memory, PS 31 Still Stands In The Bronx

On November 8, 2013, New York City’s Department of Buildings issued an emergency demolition order for the landmarked ‘Castle on the Concourse’ aka PS 31. They cited it as a public safety issue and were concerned that it wouldn’t survive another Sandy-like weather event.

After a winter with record snowfalls and several buildings suffering major roof collapses due to the tremendous weight of all that snow, PS 31 still stands.

Morris Court, First Development In The Lower Concourse Rezoning District, Nearing Completion

Morris Court, which began construction two years ago after demolishing almost an entire block (only one property owner did not sell), is nearing completion as the first development to take advantage of the Lower Concourse rezoning approved back in 2009.

The $69 million complex, when complete, will include 201 mixed low & middle income units for families with incomes ranging from approximately $28,595 to $90,700 per year. 25% of the units will be set aside for families that were formerly homeless.