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What Is the Bronx, Anyway, Asks New York Magazine Writer

Ben Wallace-Wells, a writer for New York Magazine wrote a piece called, ‘What is The Bronx, Anyway?’ in which the native Bronxite seems to think we, as a borough lack an identity or have some sort of identity crisis.

He couldn’t be so completely wrong. … »

Last year the truck camped out in front of Lincoln Hospital for two days a week much to the surprise of residents and employees in the area.

Tell Wafels and Dinges We Want Them Back In The Bronx!

Last year Bronxites were excited to have Belgium invade The Bronx with Wafels and Dinges food truck bringing their gooey deliciousness of authentic Belgian Wafels to The Bronx on 149th Street in the Melrose section of our borough.

Now Bronxites are asking when they are coming back and Wafels and Dinges appear to be listening to us! … »

The Grand Concourse, Boulevard of Bronx Dreams

“THE Grand Concourse, the four-and-a-half-mile boulevard that for much of its life was described as the Champs-Élysées of the Bronx, has often sat for its portrait, as have many of the handsome buildings along its flanks. But there is one image that captures in poignant fashion exactly what the street represented in the mid-20th century.

It is a grainy black-and-white snapshot of a boy named Sam Goodman, a third-generation boulevard resident, wearing a dressy coat and hat and standing in front of the Lorelei fountain in Joyce Kilmer Park. Anyone who knew the area would recognize the luscious white-marble concoction of mermaids and riverfront siren, which had been created in Germany in 1893 and brought to the Bronx with much fanfare six years later. … »

An image from Baz Luhrmann of the cast during rehearsal

Netflix & Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Get Down’ Cast Revealed; No Latinos To Be Found

So much for Baz Lurhmann’s casting call seeking African American or Latino males.

The Bronx and Hip Hop community has been abuzz about Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix series ‘The Get Down’, due out in August 2016, ever since it was first announced several months ago. Most of the chatter was whether or not outsiders would get our story right (Welcome2TheBronx was the first to raise this issue) and now it seems we may have been right: Not one Latino cast member was introduced this week. … »

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Bronx Man Celebrates 105th Birthday! – NY1

From NY1:

“It seems that a Bronx man has found the fountain of youth. Joe Binder from Belmont is celebrating his 105th birthday. NY1’s Erin Clarke filed this report.

Joe Binder has a secret to living a long life.

“You’ve got to be kind to people and stay away from stress,” Binder says. “I don’t carry any grudges. Turn the other cheek.”

That motto has served him well over the years—105 years yeas to be precise.”= … »

Part of Riverdale Country School's 27.5 Acre campus

Riverdale Country School, Nation’s 4th Most Expensive Private School, Begs City to Pay For New Pool, Theatre, & Gym

While many schools in The Bronx are suffering from lack of decent facilities and programming, the Riverdale Country School in Fieldston (split between 2 campuses in the neighborhood on 27.5 acres) is begging for $52 million in tax-free bonds to construct a new pool, theater, and gym for the country’s fourth most expensive school.

The kindergarten through high school private institution is a school where tuition is a staggering $45,600 a year student and it is unconscionable for them to ask for such monies while so many public schools in our borough barely have adequate facilities for their own students. … »


Tree Planting in Honor of Morgan Powell This Saturday, 4/11

We are teaming up with the Bronx River Alliance to plant trees and shrubs along the Bronx River by Burke Bridge in memory of our beloved Morgan Powell. We will start planting at 9:00. If you interested, we are meeting up at 8:30 in front of 2515 Olinville and collectively walking to Burke Bridge. … »


WATCH: Fans Ride ‘Nostalgia Train’ To Yankee Stadium For Opening Day

Hundreds of Yankee fans arrived in The Bronx in style—not in a private limo but in a special vintage IRT subway train that pulled in at 12:15PM at 161st Street/Yankee Stadium on the uptown 4 platform.

The die-hard Yankee fans were able to board the special “Lo-V” train at Grand Central Station in Manhattan and were whisked away up north to The Bronx on a model that ran for more than 5 decades along the IRT line into the late 1960s , according to the MTA’s website. … »