Coming Soon: Starbucks. There goes the neighborhood?

Take the Survey: South Bronx Starbucks Wars—Yes Or No to Their New Location?

Since we posted about Starbucks coming invading the South Bronx and opening up shop in Melrose, many folks have spoken for or against its opening in the neighborhood. So far the vast majority across all social media networks have overwhelmingly commented that they are not happy with the corporate giant opening up in the South Bronx.

So we’re turning to YOU to take a quick poll and see where your loyalties are. This survey is in no way scientific, we just want to know how YOU feel. … »


‘Here There, Acá Allá’ Explores the Duality of Living Between Two Cultures; Mexico & America

Saturday, August 29th, The Bronx Documentary Center will hold an opening reception for ‘Here There, Acá Allá’ which explores the experiences of living between two cultures and although the subject focuses on the Mexican-American experience, this is something that the majority of Bronx residents can relate to being that we are a borough of immigrants.

Whether you were raised in an Italian, Albanian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Irish, or any immigrant household, this is an exhibition that many of us can relate to some capacity. … »

Look at all that goodness...yummy!

Follow Me Fridays With NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito at Calientito Today

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito continues her popular Follow Me Friday series of highlighting small businesses and cultural spots in her district which covers parts of Mott Haven and Port Morris as well as El Barrio in Manhattan.

Today from 5PM to 7PM she’ll be at one of our favorite local spots, Calientito Restaurant which has some of the best Puerto Rican and Dominican food in the South Bronx hands down. … »

Coming Soon: Starbucks. There goes the neighborhood?

Starbucks Invades The South Bronx; Corporate Behemoth to Open in Melrose

And then there was Starbucks, the harbinger of gentrification.

Melrose and the surrounding area is experiencing a boom in cafes.

Starbucks is gearing up to open its first official South Bronx location in Melrose on 161st Street at Concourse Village East/Morris Avenue at The Melrose Building in a neighborhood and corridor where two cafes are slated to open and The Bronx Museum’s XM Cafe (that will be serving up The Bronx’s own Morris Perk’s ‘Bronx Blend’) is opening any day now. … »

A 41 express bus zooms down Melrose Avenue past 90 degree parked NYPD vehicles blocking the southbound bike lane in a new parking rule changes for Police Area 7/Bronx Housing Authority.

NYPD Cars Blocking Bike Lanes In Melrose Along With FDNY Firefighters Double Parking Creating Safety Hazard

A few weeks ago as I was biking southbound along Melrose Avenue, I was abruptly stopped at E 156th Street due to NYPD vehicles parking at 90 angle that placed their vehicles over the southbound bike lane blocking it completely.

I had to think quickly and the only safe option was to immediately swerve over to the sidewalk and dismount my bike and walk the block to get back on the lane. … »

Customers enjoy a  great meal in a small, quaint, yet modern atmosphere that feels like you're in someone's dining room.

Colombian Restaurant, La Masa in Morris Park, Is Simply As Good as it Gets

In a sea of the green, white, and red of Italian flags that dominate Morris Park sits La Masa, a Colombian restaurant proudly displaying their flags and colors outside their eatery.

For decades, Morris Park was a predominantly Italian ethnic neighborhood but over the past years it has become increasingly mixed with a diverse population that is very representative of the beautiful tapestry of the people that make up our borough. … »

Rob ended up with not one but 3 beautiful pit bulls.

Bronx Man Tries to Save Pitbulls—A Breed That Shares A Negative Reputation Like Our Borough

Bronx resident Rob Vassilarakis is out on a mission: He’s trying to raise $5,000 to support a wonderful organization called Second Chance Rescue that helps Pit Bull Terriers, among other animals, get just that. A second chance.

Much like The Bronx, Pit Bulls suffer from negative stereotypes and are thought by many as being vicious, fighting animals but that’s far from the truth. … »