198 E 135th Street sold last month for just over $15 million.

Vacant Lot in The South Bronx Sells For Over $15 Million—Is The Area No Longer Affordable?

Let’s face it: We already knew that developers were going to set their eyes on The Bronx, often called “The Last Frontier” by real estate developers and moguls due to The South Bronx’s proximity to Manhattan and excellent transportation network but as speculative purchases are made on properties far more than their actual worth, is it over for those trying to make a quick buck on our back?

198 E 135th Street, which was owned by storage company CubeSmart, was sold on May 12, 2015 for $15,470,000 to Deegan 135 Realty LLC. … »


Trump’s Insult To The Mexican Community Is An Insult To The Bronx

Last week Donald Trump made disparaging remarks about Mexicans by saying in his bid for the 2016 Presidential election that Mexico is, “sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.” … »

Gay Pride flag flies proudly in The Garden of Life Community Garden in Melrose

Marriage Equality For All Across America & The Bronx Connection To Historic Supreme Court Ruling

So where does The Bronx connection to this historic Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality come in?

It comes from our very own homegrown Bronxite, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, born in our borough (of Puerto Rican parents) back on June 25th, 1954, who was of the majority opinion that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. Sotomayor is a product of The Bronx, its schools, communities and families. … »

Umbrella's lobby is beautifully appointed with high-end finishings—just like it is throughout the rest of the building including its rooms.

Luxury Boutique Hotel, The Umbrella, Is Open For Business

Melrose—and The Bronx—just added it’s second luxury boutique hotel as The Umbrella opened officially on Wednesday and Welcome2TheBronx was on site for the official tour of this finished gem.

From the moment you walk into the hotel, you immediately notice it is a very space and unlike The Opera House Hotel where its luxury finishes and decor are more traditional, The Umbrella Hotel went for a sleek, modern look. … »

Public access to the Jerome Park Reservoir could very well be headed to permanent public access pending the outcomes of a pilot program scheduled to begin sometime in September of this year. / Photo Credit and courtesy - Gary Axelbank

In a Complete Reversal, Department of Environmental Protection Announces Pilot Program Granting Public Access To Jerome Park Reservoir

Last night at a meeting for the Croton Facility Management Committee, the Commissioner Emily Lloyd of New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection surprised all in attendance that the agency will move forward with a pilot program granting public access to The Jerome Park Reservoir—one of The Bronx’s greatest treasures that has been cut off from the public for some 20 years now. … »

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CBKPerk Off To A Successful Launch This Morning!

CBKPerk, a collaboration between two small Bronx businesses—Morris Perk and Charlie’s Kitchen & Bar—was off to an excellent start this morning. Folks were already waiting by 6:15 just 15 minutes before the 6:30AM opening of the new coffee and breakfast service at Charlie’s. The energy was buzzing and folks from all over The Bronx came out to support.

With CBKPerk, Charlie’s now offers service from early in the morning along with their recently launched lunch service to cap it all of with their signature dinner menu at the popular watering hole. … »


Altered Images Opening Reception Tonight: 150 Years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography

Tonight, The Bronx Documentary Center brings to our borough a very important and ground-breaking exhibition which discusses some of the most infamous cases of photo manipulation and misleading captions in the media and global photography contests.

Some of the images included in the exhibition are that of Chris Arnade who comes to The Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point in an exploitation of the most down-trodden in the community to photograph them for his personal gain and fame. … »


Artist Open Call: Going Out With A Bang At The Old Bronx Courthouse

As No Longer Empty’s residency and exhibition, ‘When You Cut Into The Present The Future Leaks Out’ at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse is coming to an end as it enters its final month, an open call is being issued to local Bronx artists to end the exhibition with a big celebration. … »


New café comes to the Bronx. Help name it and win a free lunch for six!

We’re happy to announce that The Bronx Museum of The Arts is opening up a new cafe in The Bronx right in the museum itself and has selected and partnered up with Welcome2TheBronx for a naming competition!

The winner in naming the new cafe will win a free lunch along with five of their friends, family or loved ones; it’s completely up to you who you bring along to the party so to speak! The runner up to the contest will receive 2 tickets to a paid Bronx Museum event! … »


Bronx Woman Mysteriously Disappears

Diana Perez of the Parkchester area of The Bronx was last seen walking her dog at 8AM this past Sunday, June 14th around The Cross Bronx Expressway and White Plains Road.

She never returned home and her dog was eventually found in Longwood later that day at 5PM, miles away from her home, tied to a fire hydrant on 156th and Bruckner Boulevard. … »