3,000 Mile East Coast Greenway Bike Trail To Go Through The Bronx

An ambitious plan set in motion 25 years ago is already almost a third of the way complete, with 850 miles of paved trails which will connect 450 towns from the Canadian border at Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida via the 3,000 mile East Coast Greenway—and The Bronx is a part of this interconnected network of existing and planned trails. … »


After Decades of Neglect, St Mary’s Park to Receive $30 Million For Major Improvements Along With 4 Other Parks in NYC 

St Mary’s Park, the largest park in the South Bronx serving the Mott Haven and Melrose communities for over a century has remained a neglected eyesore for the residents who have lived here for decades—it is a stark reminder of a tale of two cities where economically depressed communities such as these, were left with little to no resources to keep up with even the most basic of maintenance of these parks.

Today, at a press conference at the park itself, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver, announced $150 million in capital funding for 5 parks across the city—one in each borough as part of the administration’s Anchor Park program—where over 750,000 New Yorkers love within walking distance of these spaces. … »


New Transit Map Will Make Connecting Between Buses & Subways Easy in The Bronx & NYC 

Let’s get one thing straight. I. Hate. Buses. Like I really hate having to take one and I rather walk than get on one and get car sick with the stop and go rhythm as it creeps a few inches with traffic congestion keeping it from speeding down the road.

Add to that that for whatever reason our MTA system thinks that there shouldn’t be some sort of fully integrated transit map so you’re always flipping back and forth between subway and bus maps trying to make heads or tail of it all. … »

Swizz throwing up the X yesterday after our meeting where we decided to collaborate on an event for Bronx artists in the near future.

After Hearing Community Concerns Over Art Fair, Bronx-Born Swizz Beatz To Work on Special Project for Borough

After speaking with Swizz some more, we agreed to collaborate on a future event that will be curated to include Bronx artists as the highlight and to hold it at a more neutral location that doesn’t have such charged up negativity around it.

No date or logistics is set for this event but the will and commitment are there by Swizz Beatz because he wants to not only give back to the community but to be able to do something for the very very concrete for the community he came from.

Several of the concerns voiced to Swizz was the fact that it’s being held on Rubenstein’s property which many feel and agree is a sort of ground zero for the gentrification that is occurring throughout the South Bronx—an event such as this would only help further the developer’s agenda and also show the precarious world artists have to navigate and often find themselves being used as pawns by said developers.

No date or logistics is set for this event but the will and commitment are there by Swizz Beatz because he wants to not only give back to the community but to be able to do something for the very very concrete for the community he came from. … »


Shocker! Keith Rubenstein Behind Latest “Piano District” Party This Thursday

We just found out that the Gentrification Art party hosted by Swizz Beatz and Bacardi, the “No Commission Art Fair” we reported on yesterday is being hosted by Keith Rubenstein of Somerset Partners at one of his properties.

If you’ve been following Keith Rubenstein, you constantly hear or read that he claims he wants to be a part of our community yet in the meantime, he’s installing his own little businesses (well not his but handpicked by him) throughout Port Morris to create HIS vision of OUR neighborhood.

You would think that after all the negative press he received after October’s Macabre Suite “Piano District” party, he would have learned something but clearly, it has fallen upon deaf ears. … »

Tanya Fields talks to a group of funders about what Libertad Urban Farms and BLK Projek does.

This is What The Bronx Is About: Community Rallies To Rebuild Burglarized Urban Farm


If there’s one word to use to describe Bronxites it’s resilient. We’ve been through proverbial hell and back and by the grace of our community members and leaders we’ve lifted ourselves from the dark days.

On Wednesday, Libertad Urban Farm was vandalized and burglarized erasing years of hard work put in by its founder, Tanya Fields of The Blk Projek.

Tanya put out a video where she was in tears and devastated by what had happened which soon went viral.

The next day, Bronx residents rallied to rebuild what was lost.

Community that sticks together is stronger together. Check out the video below: … »


20th Century Bronx Tour!

Join the Historic Districts Council as we explore the past, present, and future of the Bronx Civic Center’s magnificent range of 20th Century architecture!

Guests will first be treated to a brisk walk with Adrian Untermyer, Deputy Director of the Historic Districts Council, with stops at the Art Deco Bronx County Building, the Grand Concourse Historic District, two Urban Renewal-era housing developments, and more. … »


Tomorrow, Thursday 8/4, Meeting to Discuss Parkland Being Taken Away for Development


As we reported several weeks ago, New York City somehow decided that it could take away land mapped and slated for parkland development, which was promised to the community, and now hand it over to developers so that they can construct “affordable” housing along our waterfront.

The lot, now known as Lower Concourse North, is sandwiched between Mill Pond Park and the 145th Street Bridge at 149th Street and was promised as part of the extension to Mill Pond.

The city has issued a request for interest expressions of interest (RFEI) and has stated that they will rezone the lot to accommodate up to a 40 story tower and a 26 story tower on the lot.

Although The Bronx is the greenest borough in all of NYC with 25% of our land dedicated to parkland and open spaces, The South Bronx has one of the worst access to green spaces and every acre added matters and is important for our health and well-being.

Fact is, we can’t breathe concrete!

So come out tomorrow and let folks know how you think this land should be developed, after all, it is public land and yes it was promised and slated for development as park land so you should have a voice in the matter. Don’t forget to RSVP! … »