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Port Morris Townhouse For Sale For a Ridiculous $995,000

Gentrification full speed ahead!

A townhouse on E 134th Street has been listed for sale by Corcoran for $995,000 and other than a major renovation, there is nothing special about this home to justify such an outrageous price way above actual market value. … »


Creating A Gun-Free Zone To Combat Violence in the South Bronx

Please join community residents and leaders at The Bronx Documentary Center today, Monday through July 25th at 6:30PM to be a part of a coalition to face gun violence in our neighborhoods by creating a gun-free zone in the South Bronx.
What this will entail and look like is up to YOU, our local neighbors and residents so PLEASE spread the word and bring a friend. … »


Savor The Bronx’s Little Italy—NYC’s Real Little Italy 

Wandering through the streets of Belmont on Arthur Avenue and side streets, you soon realize what a special place this is.
The most authentic Little Italy in New York City, Arthur Ave, despite changing demographics, still offers a unique slice of Italian tradition and history. … »


LinkNYC, The City’s Free, Super Fast WiFi Has Arrived In The Bronx—Before Brooklyn

Back in 2014, it was announced that old New York City payphones would be removed and in their place a super fast WiFi and charging kiosk would be installed at 7,500 former public phones.
The system has been slowly rolling out throughout Manhattan and now LinkNYC has arrived in The Bronx—and surprisingly enough—before Brooklyn (and Queens and Staten Island too!) … »


Designs for the Subway of the Future Unveiled 

For 112 years, the New York City subway system had changed with the times but now it’s about to take a giant forward leap.
The subway cars of the future have been unveiled complete with WiFi and charging ports for your energy hungry devices along with new station design elements. … »


City Takes Away Bronx Public Lot Once Promised as Parkland & Proposes Massive Development Instead

Back in 2009 when Mill Pond Park opened along the Harlem River in the Lower Concourse area, the 11.3-acre site was promised to be a 15-acre waterfront park once it expanded using the empty parcel between the 145th Street Bridge and the finished park itself.

Time went by and many folks forgot about the expansion but we didn’t and neither did other folks in the area seeking park equity in the South Bronx for you see, The Bronx may be the greenest borough but the South Bronx actually has some of the worst access to green spaces in New York City.

Now, last Wednesday, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the same entity that has been shoving FreshDirect down against our will and taking away of more public land, has issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) to potentially develop up to 920,000 square foot mixed-use project. The RFEI indicates that up to two towers can be built on the site, one 40 stories, and another 26 stories. … »


The Bronx 10451 Finds A New Home At Bronx General Post Office 

Since its sale almost two years ago to developer YoungWoo and Associates, the Bronx General Post Office has been gearing up for a major overhaul as a new destination for shopping, office space, and dining.
Now, after the 13 Ben Shahn murals have carefully been restored to their original grandeur, the post office which once occupied the entire grand landmarked building has moved into their new space at the northern wing of the building. … »


New Melrose Supermarket Opens Bringing Wide Variety of Selections

A new Fine Fare supermarket opened today in Melrose at the recently opened Triangle Plaza at 149th Street and Brook Avenue.

Once Melrose was a food desert but the South Bronx neighborhood has been flooded with so many supermarkets that you can’t walk 3 or 4 blocks (sometimes less) without running into one.

The new 14,000 square foot Fine Fare has a huge variety of products not to mention an onsite bakery, deli, and butcher shop. … »


In An Open Letter to Patients, Physicians Promise to Work & Dismantle Systemic Racism in Healthcare System 

Jonathan Giftos, MD, who is one of the lead authors of the letter wrote, “Moved by the tragic shootings this past week, and informed by years of clinical practice, a group of us came together and drafted the following response from the physician community (which has for too long been silent on the issue of systemic racism) in the form of a letter of commitment to our patients. In just one day the letter has been signed by over 750 people including department chairs, deans of medical education, surgeons, OBGYNs, primary care docs and psychiatrists. Please read our letter and share widely. Thank you. ” … »


Tonight! Andrew Zimmern’s Bronx Episode on Bizarre Foods! 

A couple of years ago, with the charismatic charm and pull of our culinary ambassador, Baron Ambrosia, Anthony Bourdain came to The Bronx and filmed an episode with some of our off the beaten path eateries.
Tonight, on yet another tour by the way Baron, the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods hosted by the world famous Andrew Zimmern premiers showcasing more of the delectable delights our borough has to offer. … »

1016 E 218th Street in Williamsbridge is a foreclosed property being sold / Image via

The Bronx Sees Highest Increase in NYC Foreclosures Over Last Year

In a report issued by real estate research site, PropertyShark, The Bronx has seen the highest increase in foreclosures in the second quarter of 2016 compared to the same time period last year—by 47%.

Leading the Bronx in foreclosures is the 10473 zip code encompassing the neighborhoods of Parkchester, Soundview, and Castle Hill with 24 new foreclosures listed totaling $3,034,143 with an average lien of $379,267.

See how you can help avoid foreclosure. … »