After Years of Community Push, MTA to Increase Service to Metro North’s Melrose and Tremont Stations

Community leaders and activists for decades have pleaded with the MTA to increase service at Melrose’s Metro North Station at 162nd and Park Avenue which not only would benefit those who work in the Bronx’s downtown and civic center but also the legions of Bronx residents who reverse commute up to Westchester and Connecticut.

Melrose, the first stop in The Bronx on Metro North along with Tremont, only saw trains stop every two hours but now that is to change to hourly beginning this coming Sunday, October 2nd and will continue through October 2017 as a trial and if successful, permanent changes will be made.

The MTA is also dramatically increasing the hours of operation of Metro North by up to 2 1/2 hours with southbound service and 4 hours for northbound service. … »

Arts and craft thanks to BxArts Factory at Boogie on the Boulevard

Article Claims The Bronx is NYC’s Next New Art Scene; Brooklyn’s Bushwick is Dead

Once again, another article discusses The Bronx as some undiscovered paradise, a terra incognita for artists looking for a new place to colonize and bring their art and culture (and gentrification in tow) as if the borough was somehow bereft of the arts—and people.

Let’s get one thing straight before we even continue: The Bronx is not some undiscovered virgin territory in waiting—our borough is and has always been alive with arts, music, culture, and a beautiful tapestry of people from around the world. From City Island to The South Bronx, Riverdale to Hunts Point and every neighborhood in between, we’ve been creating. … »


What Creates Health? Come to The Bronx and Find Out 

The “What Creates Health” community conversation will bring activists, artists, performers and local community organizations together to talk about how we can define what shapes health in our communities. Join us! … »


LISTEN: 4 Ways The South Bronx Is Gentrifying—WNYC Wants to Hear From You

Welcome2TheBronx joined WNYC on a discussion about gentrification in The South Bronx centering in on Mott Haven and the surrounding areas for this long-term project on the housing affordability crisis.

(If you live or work in the South Bronx, WNYC wants to hear from you and journalist Sophia Paliza-Carre will be stationed at the Mott Haven Library on E 140th Street and Alexander Avenue a few hours each day. Reach out via email to: spalizacarre@wnyc.org or via social media using the hashtag #motthavenspeaks) … »


La Central, The Bronx’s Massive 992 Unit Development in Melrose, Is Finally Approved by City Council

After almost three years since it was announced, the mega project La Central has moved one step closer to reality as New York City Council approved this development yesterday.

With 992 units planned, a 50,000 square foot YMCA, 10,000 square foot television studio for BronxNet, and also an astronomy lab and observation deck among many other features, La Central is one of the biggest mixed residential and commercial developments coming to The Bronx. … »


As Mother Teresa is Canonized, We Remember When a Saint Visited The Bronx

Today, 19 years after her death, Pope Francis officially declared the Albanian Mother Teresa a saint as many remember when she visited The Bronx.
On one of those occasions, Saint Teresa of Kolkata, as she is now known, was visited by her friend, Princess Diana of Wales who flew in from DC just to meet up with her at the Missionaries of Charity’s order on 145th Street in Mott Haven—the first in North America of the order which she founded in 1950. … »


Clocktower Expansion in Port Morris Will Be The Bronx’s Most Luxurious Development To Date—For Now

A year ago, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr said that there was no gentrification taking place but either he was flat out clueless or lying—we’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Now, as the South Bronx Clocktower’s extension has reached its planned height of six stories, renderings have been revealed showing what will be the most luxurious development in The Bronx, something we don’t say lightly.

The new building will add 190 units to the existing 90 already at the landmarked Clocktower, a new fitness center, a game room, lounge, sports court, and an indoor sky-lit swimming pool. … »

Jerome Avenue may soon be rezoned allowing for over 3,000 new units of housing and 10,000 new residents in an already overcrowded area.

Jerome Avenue Rezoning Proposals Released; Admits Potential Residential & Employee Displacement

Against the wishes of the community, New York City Department of City Planning has released what their vision for the Jerome Avenue Corridor—a 73 block area—and what it should look like.

According to documents released, if the zoning is passed, it will lead to the potential creation of 3,250 units and adding approximately 10,000 more residents in an already dense area where basic services such as the subway system along the 4 line are strained and packed to capacity. … »