Too many of our children are suffering from asthma. One too many are dying. This is an all too common sight in our borough.

Dear Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr: How Many More of Our Children Must Die From Asthma Before You Stop FreshDirect?

A 7-year-old South Bronx girl in Melrose dies tragically from asthma yet you, our Borough President along with your machine cronies still think it’s ok to move FreshDirect and their dirty, truck intensive company into our borough where we have some of the highest rates of asthma in the nation.

This is why we fight against such dirty deals.

We’re exhausted from the senseless deaths. We are over saturated with choking and deadly diesel fumes. … »


Drive Through Starbucks Coming To Throggs Neck

The successful Throggs Neck Shopping Center (home of our beloved Metro Optics) is getting a drive through Starbucks—the first of its kind in our borough and the 5th in New York City (the others are in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island). … »


Dyre Ave Platform on 5 Line Collapses; Miraculously No Injuries Reported

At about 7:30PM, a 30 to 40 foot section of the Dyre Avenue Station platform collapsed bringing service to a halt.

The collapse at the busy terminus on the 5 line surprisingly left no one injured as reported by the media. Considering the heavy use of the station as commuters return home, it’s a miracle no one was injured or killed in the incident. … »

Prince/Image Credit Unknown

How Prince Helped The Bronx & His Little Remembered Concert at Lehman

Prince was a larger than life entertainer loved by millions who felt a deep connection to his music and joie de vivre but now fans have something else to celebrate in this man and perhaps take a page from the book and pay it forward.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”—William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet … »

Brooklyn Dem Debate Rally

Michael Moore Coming to The Bronx Tonight For Bernie Sanders Event

Activist documentary filmmaker Michael Moore will be stumping for Bernie Sanders today starting at 6:15PM at Green Pastures Baptist Church in the Soundview neighborhood of The Bronx.

Tonight’s event is an effort to unite people of color behind Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. His campaign has been criticized for lack of representation of Blacks and Latinos but clearly that hasn’t been the case in New York as we’ve seen a wide rainbow coalition of people joining this campaign. … »

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr introduces Hillary Clinton.

As Hillary Clinton Draws a Crowd at Co-op City Rally, The Bronx Becomes An Unlikely Battleground For The Presidency of Our Nation

Never in our borough’s history have so many candidates flocked to The Bronx, and in the case of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, let alone multiple times.

However, it is only to those not familiar with the Bronx narrative that would actually believe that our borough would play an unlikely role in the election of our nation’s president in 2016.

You see, The Bronx’s story is as American as it gets. It’s one filled with a golden era, a great decline, and a transformative rebirth by the resiliency of its people. … »


LPC Votes to Keep Immaculate Conception Church in Melrose on Preservation List; City Island’s Schofield House Receives Landmark Status

New York City’s Landmark Preservation Commission voted today to grant landmark status to 165 Schofield on City Island and put off a vote for Immaculate Conception Church in Melrose for a later date.

This is a victory for the people of The Bronx to be able to hold on to two precious landmarks and part of Bronx history. Although LPC did not vote on landmarking Immaculate Conception, they will eventually do so on a later date according to sources at LPC. … »