Bronx Real Estate In Riverdale Causing A Big Buzz Around The World

Got $8.6 million to spare? This is bedroom, 7 bathroom beauty with 2 swimming pools and 7 fireplaces can be yours. (photos from Trebach Realty)

Many forget that Riverdale is indeed the Bronx and more forget that it is home to some of the most expensive homes outside of the island of Manhattan within New York City.

During the last several weeks, a listing in the Fieldston section of Riverdale caused a raucous on the Internet because finally a castle (of sorts) could be purchased for the price of a New York City apartment – in NYC!

Can't quite afford $8.6 million? You're in luck. 4720 Grosvenor Avenue is for sale for only a mere $3.65 million. (photos from Stribling & Associates)

A few months back Buzzfeed did a piece on 6 castles in Europe that cost less than NYC apartments and Curbed ran with it when the Fieldston home came on the market for $3.65 million. Days later, a much larger home is on the market for more than twice that amount!

4941 Arlington Avenue is on the market for a whopping $8.6 million and features both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, 7 full bathrooms and 7 fireplaces and 7 bedrooms (lucky 7 anyone?). The home is beautifully situated on 1.6 acres (unheard of in NYC but quite common in Riverdale) in the Estate Section which is west of the Henry Hudson Parkway.

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Ed García Conde

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