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Thank You Doctor Zizmor! Renowned Dermatologist Retires; Sells Bronx Mansion for $3.075 Million

If you have been living in New York City for the last several decades (since the early 1980s to be more precise) then you know who Jonathan Zizmor, MD is. He’s the famed dermatologist who’s subway ads have been splattered everywhere—and haven’t been changed much in as long as he’s been in business.

Now, just as his mansion in the Fieldston section of Riverdale in The Bronx has finally entered contract to be sold for $3,075,000, Zizmor has shut his offices to his practice for good at the age of 70.

Bronx Real Estate In Riverdale Causing A Big Buzz Around The World

Many forget that Riverdale is indeed the Bronx and more forget that it is home to some of the most expensive homes outside of the island of Manhattan within New York City.

During the last several weeks, a listing in the Fieldston section of Riverdale caused a raucous on the Internet because finally a castle (of sorts) could be purchased for the price of a New York City apartment – in NYC!