Identity Crisis: Do You Live In Bronxdale, Laconia, Or Is It Allerton?


Since my earliest memories of visiting my family on Olinville just south of Allerton Avenue, I always knew the neighborhood as Allerton.

Apparently, according to maps, it’s either Bronxdale or Laconia but neither names seem to be ever used by locals.

Ben Kochman of the Bronx Times reports that the there are now efforts being made to officially rename the neighborhood Allerton.

In the article it says:

“There’s no question that those names are not accurate,” said Jeremy Warneke, CB11’s district manager. “No one calls that area Bronxdale. Find me one person who calls that area Bronxdale.”

It’s hard to find anyone with a clear idea of where “Bronxdale” or “Laconia” begin or end.

“You tell people you’re from Bronxdale and they have no idea where you are from,” said Joe Thompson, president of the 49th Precinct Community Council, who has lived in what he calls the “Allerton Avenue area” for nearly 50 years.

Read more: Nabe Name Push For Bronxdale | The Bronx Times

So where do you live? What do you think?

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