Bronx Politics: The Bronx is Left Out in the Cold on the City Council

City Council Members are sworn in on January 8th, 2014 for their new term. ©

Here are some interesting numbers about The Bronx and the New York City Council:

—The Bronx makes up 16.6% of New York City’s population.
—The Bronx has 8 of 51 seats on the City Council, or 15.6%.
—On the top five major council committees (Finance, Economic Development, Transportation, Education and Land Use), the Bronx delegation is represented by just 7 members out of the 69 total, or 10.1%; of course, none are chaired by a Bronx member.
Are those really the five most powerful committees of the City Council?  The chair of Baruch College’s Political Science Department, Professor Thomas Halper, agreed when asked.

Professor Halper also asked, “Why?  Why hasn’t the Bronx been able to get its act together when there is a mayor and speaker with a message of economic justice? One would think they both would be highly sympathetic to the Bronx.”

With 16.6% of the city’s population, but only 10.1% of the important council committees, why indeed? 


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