Bronx Pizza Wars! Is Pugsley Pizza The Best In The Bronx?

A big slice from Dominick's Pizza on Allerton / Photo Credit: Robin Lee/Daily Slice on

The best pizza conversation in New York City is one of those hot topics that can often get a very heated discussion going, like real estate and the best borough (obviously the Bronx) in the city.

An article posted in Untapped Cities recently declared that, “The Bronx’s Best Pizza Place Is Hidden Behind a Gas Station,” naming Pugsley Pizza in Fordham the best in the borough.

Now the article is obviously biased and seems to have been written by Fordham University student since there was no other mention of the many pizzerias that dot our awesome borough of The Bronx.

Growing up and living in Melrose for almost my entire life, my hands down favorite still remains to be Yolanda’s on East 149th Street between Morris and Courtlandt Avenues. Sal’s pizza shop across the street (closed decades ago) was a close second in my book.

So what we want to know is what is your favorite pizza joint (past or present, we really wanna hear from Bronxites who no longer live here too!) and why you love them so much! What makes a great slice of pizza so great?

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Ed García Conde

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