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Since its founding in 2011, Welcome2TheBronx and its founder and editor, Ed García Conde, has had the privilege of being featured or quoted in a diverse array of mainstream media outlets.

From hyperlocal newspapers, television stations to national and international papers such as the New York Times, and blogs with millions of monthly visitors, Welcome2TheBronx has become one of the main go to sources for Bronx related issues.

Many of our original and exclusive stories have been picked up and expanded upon by the mainstream media as well.

Below is comprehensive list (print circulation, online unique visitors, and viewership provided where available) of where we have been featured:

BronxTalk is one of the longest running talk shows in New York City history and began back in 1994. Gary Axelbank remains as the original host of this weekly show which airs live on local Bronx cable access channels.

Special 1 Hour Show On LGBTQ Safety In The Bronx After Gang-related Hate Crime November 10, 2010 ( Live 28 minute television appearance on a special one hour show as part of a panel discussion)

Bronx Bloggers & Local Issues March 15, 2010 (Live 28 minute television appearance as one of two guests)

Bronx Times
Bronx Borough President Pushes Harlem River Waterfront Development April 1, 2014 (Quoted)

South Bronx Residents File New Claims to FreshDirect Project September 11, 2012 (Quoted)

Bronx Documentary Center Gearing Up for September Opening August 10, 2011 (Quoted & linked to Welcome2Melrose)

Curbed New York
Curbed is New York City’s premier Real Estate blog with over 500,000 monthly unique visitors to their site.

Judges Okay FreshDirect Relocation Plan to South Bronx March 29, 2014

Bronx Waterfront Redevelopment is Really Happening, It Seems: Waterfront Watch March 21, 2014

Bronx Borough President probes future of P.S. 31 February 20, 2013

More Preservation Watching February 6, 2014

After wooing the soccer arena, Bronx’s borough president turns cautious January 13, 2013

A history of transit in the Bronx and why the 3 train should be extended January 10, 2014

Everything we know about the Bronx soccer stadium so far December 26, 2013

This Bronx Housing Megaproject Aims To Be Another Via Verde December 23rd, 2013

FreshDirect sees setbacks in its protracted attempt to move to the Bronx December 18, 2013

The Bronx is Gentrifying August 19, 2013

Preservation Watch February 1, 2013
(Under Welcome2Melrose)

It Takes a Village to Interest Us in the South Bronx : Construction Watch August 13, 2010 (Under Welcome2Melrose)

Can an Old Courthouse Become the Bronx’s Chelsea Market? : Adaptive Reuse November 23, 2009
(Under Welcome2Melrose)


DNAinfo New York
An online local news site with 1.5 million unique visitors and 2 million visitors a month.

Landmark Commission Decries Demolition of ‘Castle on the Concourse’ December 17, 2013 (Quoted)

Large Goya Logo on Donated Statue of Roberto Clemente Irks Some Fans July 3rd, 2013
(DNAinfo wrote this article based on our original blog post, Statue Honoring Goya, I Mean Roberto Clemente Unveiled In the Bronx July 2, 2013)

Bronx Borough President Won’t Reappoint FreshDirect Foe to Community Board May 31st, 2013 (Quoted)

Bronx Fares Better Than Other Areas, but Still Suffers Flooding, Outages October 31, 2012 (Quoted)

FreshDirect Hires Majora Carter to Round Up Local Support for Bronx Move October 1, 2012 (Quoted)

Bronx Beep Slams Conn. Newspaper’s ‘Libelous’ Article About The Bronx June 13, 2012
(DNAinfo wrote this article based on our original blog post, Connecticut Attorney Trashes The Bronx In Review Of Monet’s Garden At The New York Botanical Garden July 7, 2012)

The online, New York City based blog enjoys 6 million unique visitors a month.

Court Approves FreshDirect Bronx Facility, But Environmental Concerns Remain March 29, 2014

Banksy’s ‘Ghetto 4 Life’ Work Upsets Bronx Resident’s October 22, 2013

Photo: New Banksy Piece Goes Up In The South Bronx October 21, 2013

Video: Bronx Man Hauled To Jail For Exercising Right To Videotape Cops March 16, 2013

Hunts Point Express
Hunts Point Express is a local Bronx print and online newspaper.

‘Ghetto for Life’ mural ignites debate October 25, 2013 (Quoted, image used)

City woos FreshDirect to the South Bronx February 28, 2012 (Quoted)


Mott Haven Herald
Local Bronx-Based newspaper available both in print and online, serving the communities of Mott Haven, Port Morris, Melrose and the surrounding areas.

Online Grocer Will Move to Port Morris February 7, 2012 (Quoted)

South Bronx Food Co-op Closes Its Doors December 14, 2010 (Quoted)

No More On the Down Low, Gay Leaders Vow October 31, 2010 (Quoted)

Will Old Bronx Courthouse Find New Life? December 10, 2009
(Quoted and linked to my original blog post of which this article is based on, Breath of Life To Come to The Old Bronx Courthouse? November 20, 2009)

New York Daily News
Over 6 million unique visitors visit the newspaper via its website and apps and has a daily print circulation of 516,165 and Sunday print circulation of 644,879.

It’s high time to talk about the anticipated gentrification of the South Bronx December 4, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg approves FreshDirect as more than $100 million in subsidies flow to keep online grocer in the city after threat to move to New Jersey August 13, 2013 (Quoted)

Bronx activists to protest county machine’s annual glad- handing dinner Wednesday night July 16, 2013 (Quoted)

FreshDirect set to deliver to all ZIP codes in the Bronx May 18, 2012 (Quoted)

Fresh Direct subsidy fans and foes clash at packed public hearing on benefits deal for new Bronx base February 10, 2012 (Quoted)

Bronx residents, activists to weigh in Thursday on public benefits for new Fresh Direct headquarters February 8, 2012 (Quoted)

Bronx LGBT community celebrates victorious weekend at NYC Pride June 28, 2011 (Quoted)

New York Magazine
New York Magazine has a weekly print circulation of 1.8 million readers and its website, nymag.com receives over 15 million unique visitors a month.

The Approval Matrix January 10, 2010 (Photo Credit / Blog Mention under Welcome2Melrose)

Local, New York City news channel which according to their website, “NY1 News, Time Warner Cable’s 24-hour newschannel in New York City, is seen on channel 1 in more than 2.1 million homes, representing approximately 4.5 million viewers and more than 10,500 corporate offices, 1,900 restaurants and bars, and 60,000 hotel rooms.”

Bronx Dance Group Needs Help to Perform at New Orleans Festival March 14, 2014
(Based on our original blog post, Bronx Resident’s Bombazo Dance Company Is ONLY NYC Dance Co Invited To New Orleans’ 2014 Congo Square Festival February 25, 2014)

Bronx Building That Opened 100 Years Ago Gets New Life As Hotel September 6, 2013
(Based on our original blog post, First Luxury Hotel – The Opera House – Opens in the Bronx August 16, 2013)

New York Times
Circulation of the newspaper is at 1,865,318 the for Daily and 2,322,429 for the Sunday Edition (March 2013). With almost 31 million unique visitors a month, The New York Times website is the #1 newspaper site in the nation.

Bronx Landmark, Under City’s Care, Is on Brink of Demolition January 8, 2014
(New York Times wrote this article after several original postings from Welcome2TheBronx on PS 31)

Street Art From the South Bronx to Soweto October 23rd, 2013 (linked to our Banksy coverage)

Fewer People Are Abandoning the Bronx, Census Data Show March 14, 2013 (Quoted)

Postal Service Considers Sale of Bronx General Post Office February 1, 2013
(Quoted and linked to original blog post which broke the story which NY Times picked up, Melrose 10451: Landmark Post Office Up For Grabs January 30, 2013 – under Welcome2Melrose)

The Heart of a Rising Area Battles to Survive May 11, 2010
(Quoted and linked to the blog and article is based on an original blog post on Welcome2Melrose, A Community Saves A Local Restaurant From Eviction April 28, 2010)

Where Golden Treasures Came in Bottles and Cans December 26, 2009 (Quoted and linked to the Welcome2Melrose)

News12 the Bronx (Television & Online)
Local cable access Bronx News Station with a reach of 300,000 households.

Best of the Bronx: Singer Christopher Estrada February 23, 2014
(Based on original story by Welcome2TheBronx, Bronx Artist Christopher Estrada Launches First Single & Music Video; Also Set To Star In A Bronx-Based Film January 14, 2014)

Bronx native Shana Solomon writes, stars in 1-woman play February 21, 2013
(Based on an original story by Welcome2TheBronx, Bronx Raised Artist Shana Solomon Bares Her Soul In An Outstanding Off Broadway One Woman Show February 17, 2014)

Ed Garcia Conde, of Melrose, calls for 24-hour service on 5 Line February 4, 2014
(Based on an original article on Welcome2TheBronx, It’s Time To Restore 24 Hour Service To The 5 Line In The Bronx January 29, 2014)

WPIX 11 News (Television & Online)

‘Ghetto’ tours stopped in Bronx, denounced by tourism council May 23, 2013
(Based on original article by Welcome2TheBronx, “Real” Bronx Tours Promises Tours Of A Real “Ghetto” May 20, 2013)

Forget Mr. Softee in the South Bronx, meet Ms. Veggie April 12, 2013
(Based on original blog post, Why The Bronx Needs The Mobile Veggie Market February 10, 2013)

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