New Rental Listings At The Clocktower In Port Morris Are Sky High


The iconic Clocktower building on the left.
The iconic Clocktower building on the left.

Rents at the Clocktower building in Port Morris, on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard are fast on the rise.  A new listing for a 1 bedroom is asking for a whopping $1,775/month for the privilege of living in this loft building which was one of the first in the area to convert to residential.

Another listing for a 2 bedroom loft in the same building is asking for $2,500.

Seven years ago, when I was first looking in the area, rents for a 1 bedroom began in the $900’s and have since then almost doubled.

The building, along with the surrounding area has shown tremendous growth and transformation.  Recently, the Clocktower had its huge rooftop upgraded with new pagodas and furniture as well as some green astroturf giving it a nice, cozy feeling with great views of the Bronx, Manhattan, The Harlem River.

Downstairs you have Charlies Bar and Kitchen, a block away there’s Bruckner Bar & Grill, Ceetay and a host of many, many more local restaurants.

What do you think about these rents?  Clearly, with rents that are almost double what you would pay for in the surrounding area, these rising rents and new amenities are budding signs of gentrification in the neighborhood.

Check out some more pictures from the listing on craigslist:

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