Welcome2TheBronx on NY1 & The Changing Face of The Bronx

Changing faces of The Bronx / ©Welcome2TheBronx.com

NY1’s Erin Clark reports on the changing demographics of the Bronx and interviewed yours truly from Welcome2TheBronx on the subject.

She says:

“Everyone’s heard the city referred to as a melting pot, but the Bronx is truly representative of that…Just stand at 149th Street and Third Avenue, the hub, and you’ll see…It’s the borough’s and perhaps one of the city’s busiest and most diverse intersections.”

Watch the video and hear what Bronx Borough Historian aka the Professor, Lloyd Ultan, Marlene Cintron, Executive Director of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, and Welcome2TheBronx has to say about these changes.

Bronx Week: The Bronx Has a Long History of Diversity:

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