The Bronx is Booming: A Series By NY1 Takes A Look at Our Renaissance

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NY1’s Erin Clark explores The Bronx’s renaissance and how it’s impacting several key areas in our borough. In the first installment which aired last night, Clark takes a look at crime drops, housing prices in some areas and other issues.

Clark reports:

“When Rudis Rodriguez became a real estate agent in the Bronx last year, he knew the market was hot, but he had no idea just how hot.

“We sold a house in less than one day on Fox Street,” Rodriguez said. “We ended up selling it for about $50,000 more than what we were asking.”

“We had a three family house on Vyse Avenue,” Rodriguez said. “While I was putting up the sign we had over three offers.”

It is a remarkable turnaround for neighborhoods that once were a national symbol of urban decay, a status cemented by arson, crime, abandonment — and a 1977 visit by President Jimmy Carter to get a first-hand look at the desolation and despair.

“There were fires almost every day, especially in the south Bronx and it was a place where it was unlivable,” said Angel Hernandez, education director of the Bronx County Historical Society.  “People did not want to call the Bronx their home.”

Now, almost 40 years later, many of these neighborhoods are enjoying a renaissance.”

Watch the entire segment over at NY1

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