Free Shuttle Bus Now Available To Take You To The Randall’s Island Connector!



Now that the Randall’s Island Connector opened last fall, getting to the island’s 330 acres and waterfront access just became even easier for Bronxites.


This past Saturday, thanks to New York Restoration Project’s ‘The Haven Project’ for a greener, and more pedestrian friendly Mott Haven and Port Morris, a free shuttle service launched to get folks over to the island.



With 9 stops, the free shuttle bus takes you from Melrose at Bergen Street and Westchester Avenue (just a block over from the 2 and 5 line at 3rd Ave and 149th Street) through Mott Haven and into Port Morris to the connector so you and your loved ones can enjoy one of NYC’s best resource and island park.


By also stopping at Cypress Avenue Station on the 6 line, the new service readily connects millions of folks who use those stations and also opens it up to more than half our borough.



Along the way you’ll see photographs on streetlight banners of Martine Fougeron’s (a Port Morris resident) South Bronx Trades Project.

At the moment, the shuttle service operates only on Saturdays and Sundays from


10:00AM – 7:00PM


1. Walnut Ave. & E. 136th St.
The Bronx Brewery – Hourly on the :00
2. E. 138th St. & Cypress Ave.
Cypress Ave 6 train – on the :05
3. E. 138th St. & Third Ave.
3rd Ave.-138th 6 train – on the :10
4. 3rd Ave. & E. 144th St.
Patterson Houses – on the :15
5. Bergen & Westchester Ave.
The Hub – on the :23
6. St. Ann’s Ave. & E. 146th St.
Betances Community Center – on the :28
7. St. Ann’s Ave. & E. 141st St.
St. Ann’s Church – on the :33
8. E. 138th St. & Cypress Ave.
Cypress Ave 6 train – on the :39
9. Randall’s Island Connector
132nd b/w Willow & Walnut Ave. – on the :45

As you can see, the bus begins at Walnut Ave at The Bronx Brewery which doesn’t make sense at all. By the time the bus makes it to the connector, it’s already 45 minutes after the start. A more logical starting point would be to start at 3rd Avenue and 138th Street instead. We’re supposed to be connecting people in The Bronx to the connector no? Who’s at Bronx Brewery at 10AM?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re more than thrilled to have this opportunity, however, we just would prefer to see a more logical timetable that is beneficial to our residents.

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Thanks to Healthfirst for providing funding for the shuttle!

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