Tone Deaf South Bronx Luxury Rental Building Claims They’re in NYC’s “Piano District”

Screenshot of the building’s website.

The Clocktower’s luxury expansion in Port Morris has been revealed as The Crescendo (comprised of two buildings, one called The Staccato and the other The Legato) proclaiming that they are in New York City’s “Piano District” with rents starting at $2,200 and going well over the $2,800 monthly rental for 2 bedroom 2 bathroom units.

Wait what? The Piano District? What Piano District? Where exactly is The Piano District? Did these people not learn about what a disaster that was for Somerset Partners and The Chetrit Group when they attempted to rebrand the neighborhood and host a tasteless Bronx is Burning party?

Although at one point the Port Morris area was known as the piano manufacturing epicenter of the country, it was never called that. This is simply an attempt to whitewash the history of the neighborhood and more importantly the washing away of a name synonymous with people of color in the South Bronx.

The “genius” behind this marketing effort for 25 Bruckner Boulevard (the physical address for “The Crescendo”) is the Manhattan based Mdrn. Residential who writes on their website in a listing,

“…A residential complex built to commemorate the history of an area once familiarized as, “The Piano District.” The complex is composed of two residential buildings, “The Staccato” and “The Legato.” To create unity between the buildings both are named after piano rhythms and feature shareable community amenities, providing an all-new rhythmic living experience specific to the South Bronx”

yet another lovely screenshot from the building’s website

Gentrifiers would MUCH rather look into the deepest past and overlook the current history and culture of people of color in the neighborhoods they are invading and displacing people.

Forget the well over half a century of history, culture, good and bad that is synonymous with the South Bronx for the almighty dollar.

This is what they have to say about “culture” in Mott Haven:

  • Mott Haven is rich in history, dating back to the late 1800’s. Take a walk around Bertine Block or Mott Haven Historic District and admire the stunning architecture.

  • Enjoy a night at Wallworks or BronxArtSpace, both local art galleries.

That’s it? There’s nothing else in Mott Haven worth mentioning? Nada? Zilch? Last I checked, Mott Haven was MUCH more than a couple of historic blocks and two art galleries.

Hope these folks paying top dollar won’t mind the smell of garbage that permeates the air which we’ve had to endure all our lives along with some of the worst air quality in the city which plagues our communities creating one of the highest rates of asthma in the nation.

More renderings below:

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