75% of Samples Taken From Bronx Parks Test Positive Parasite Eggs

Photo by: Gregg Vigliotti for The New York Times

A survey done last year of New York City playgrounds revealed the presence of Toxocara eggs from a parasite that can cause blindness, respiratory problems, liver function, and negative impact on cognitive abilities especially in children.

The survey was conducted at 21 parks across the city with 9 testing positive for the eggs but more startling was that 75% of samples from Bronx parks revealed eggs in the larval stage that are considered to be more infectious according to The New York Times. Manhattan parks tested revealed in this stage.

The article goes on to say that these parasites are typically found in cats and dogs but more prevalent in strays than our furry friends at home and the parasites are generally transmitted via fecal matter, which of course, can pretty much be found everywhere thanks to our feral populations.

More worrisome is that as many as 85% doctors do not know much about the infection beyond basic understanding of it and not even half correctly diagnosed this infection according to The New York Times.

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