Fasten Your Taste Buds, A Chocolate Tasting Room is Coming To The Bronx

Bronx chocolate lovers get ready. Sol Cacao in Port Morris is opening a chocolate tasting room later this month.

Located in Port Morris on E 133rd Street next to Port Morris Distillery, Sol Cacao is dedicated to providing the purest of chocolates using literally only two ingredients: Cacao beans, and raw cane sugar.

All their cacao beans are fair trade and organic and currently offer Ecuador, Peru, and Madagascar dark chocolates.

The company was founded by the Maloney brothers, Dominic, Nicholas, and Daniel of Harlem by way of Trinidad and Tobago.

When they arriv

ed in America, they realized that finding the rich chocolate they grew up on was rather difficult to get here in the states so they decided to take matters into their own hands and start their own company.

Stay tuned with us and we’ll keep you posted on the opening of that tasting room.

Hey, at least chocolate is good for you and what they produce is far better than the chemical loaded crap that is passed as “chocolate”.

Also, if you eat too much of it, you can just take a run over the Randalls Island Connector and just burn those calories.


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