Citi Bike Officially Announces Expansion Into The Bronx

After several years of false promises, Citi Bike officially announced today its plans for expansion into The Bronx.

The expansion will first head into the rest of Manhattan finally going into Washington Heights and Inwood, providing coverage to the entire island, as well as parts of the South Bronx as part of its Phase 3 Expansion starting next year according to comments to Welcome2TheBronx from Citi Bike and their press conference.

While no exact locations have been announced yet where they will begin in the South Bronx, our guess is across parts of Port Morris, Mott Haven, Melrose and perhaps up the Concourse to Yankee Stadium.

After that is done, the remainder of the phase 3 expansion will roll out across the West Bronx covering Highbridge, Claremont, Morrisania, Longwood, Concourse, Mount Eden, Melrose, Mott Haven, and Port Morris by 2023 along with parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

DOT and Citi Bike will work closely with community boards to determine where best to place the new docks.

Citi Bike launched a pilot to test dockless bikes in The Bronx around Fordham last year.

This is way too slow for residents of our borough who have been wanting this expansion and have been waiting for Citi Bike to get to The Bronx since it first launched 6 years ago in 2013.

Sadly, there is no timeline for residents of the East Bronx as they are not even mentioned during this particular expansion.

In order to create a fair and equitable system, we need to make this accessible to every single neighborhood in the city.

The city also needs to provide the necessary infrastructure such as protected bike lanes so that we may safely ride these streets.

Citi Bike told Welcome2TheBronx that they will be working with NYC Department of Transportation to begin community outreach this Fall for its upcoming expansion.

In the meantime you can head over to this link and recommend where a docking station should go while you wait for the expansion to cross the river.

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